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[Guide] Create and Sell Products on WordPress With AccessAlly

Create and sell products on WordPress for online courses, memberships, and other programs using AccessAlly's beautiful custom order forms.

These products may be set up as single-purchases or as a subscription model (with recurring payments).

How the Commerce Feature Works

With AccessAlly, you receive a powerful tool that helps you sell more, with the following features:

  • Order Forms, which allow you to sell your products as one-time product purchases, payment plans, and subscription payment options
  • Coupons & discounts, which can help incentivize buyers to complete their orders
  • Integration with affiliate link tracking, so your affiliates receive the correct compensation amount.
  • 1-click upsell capabilities
  • Able to sell a single product in multiple currencies
  • Offer an upsell on the order form itself
  • 1-click purchases, so logged-in members don’t need to re-enter their payment info

For more resources on how this feature can improve your membership site, feel free to review these two articles:

What selling products looks like on your site:

A typical selling sequence looks like this:

  1. A prospective client lands on a page with an order form.
  2. When the user inserts their name and email, AccessAlly saves this info to your CRM. (This makes it possible to follow up with an abandoned cart email, should the purchase not go through.)
  3. Once the order is completed, AccessAlly automatically creates a username and password for the client, and gives them the appropriate permission tags so they can immediately access the content they purchased.

There are many fancy add-ons, from expiring coupon codes to order bumps, free trials, and payment plans. But no matter what you've set up behind the scenes, the user will receive the same easy purchase experience. 

Here's What You'll Need to Start Taking Payments in AccessAlly:


Integrate with Payment Processor

First, you'll need to make sure AccessAlly is integrated with your payment processor of choice (Stripe and/or PayPal). This step is important and will allow you to accept credit card payments on your order forms.


Design Your Order Form

Start with one of the pre-built templates, then customize your order form design and layout to optimize your checkout experience.


Set Up Your Products

An AccessAlly order form allows people to purchase one or more products at a time. It's an extremely flexible setup that allows you to add tax or shipping fees, multiple discounts, payment plans, and more.

Review the use cases below to set up your product, add it to an offer, and then embed the offer/order form on a page in your site.

One-Time Payments

Sell products that require simple, one-time purchases.


Sell products with recurring payment charges.

Free Trials

Offer a free trial period, followed by an automatic charge.

Offer a paid trial period for your products.

Offer Payment Plans

Offer both full pay and payment plans on the same order form.


Add Your Order Form to a Page

Now add your products' order form to a page on your website, and link to it from your sales page.

Coupons & Other Incentives

You can create many different types of coupons and upsells to incentivize clients to purchase your products.

Coupons & Discounts

Offer a fixed discount on one or more products.

Order Bump Upsells

Include your upsell offer on an order form.

1-Click Upsells

Add an upsell offer to your site that users can take advantage of without having to re-enter their billing information.

Additional Fees & Shipping

Taxes & VAT

You can add sales tax, VAT, and other fees to your order forms.

Shipping Fees

Selling physical products? You can include a breakdown of shipping fees on your order forms.

Multiple Currencies

Selling to clients across the globe? Provide an option for them to place an order using the currency of their choice.

IMPORTANT: Test Your Setup

Test Your Setup

Before sending leads to your new order forms, let's take time to send a test user from start to finish. 

Updated on January 19, 2021

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