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Payments Guide: How to Start Selling Your Offerings Now in AccessAlly

Create and sell products on WordPress for online courses, memberships, and other programs using AccessAlly's order forms.

Why choose AccessAlly's built-in order forms?

AccessAlly integrates with other payment systems through your CRM, so you could continue using something like Infusionsoft or Ontraport order forms, WooCommerce, Thrivecart, or Samcart for example.

One primary reason to choose AccessAlly's built-in order forms is that you can easily manage access and subscriptions and have members manage these from inside their member portal.

Plus you get all of the following features:

  • Customizable drag-and-drop Order Forms
  • Automated coupons & discounts
  • Built-in affiliate program
  • 1-click upsell capabilities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Flexible payment options: free and paid trials, installment plans, subscriptions
  • Upgrade and downgrade paths
  • Quaderno tax integration and tax settings

Here's What You'll Need to Start Taking Payments in AccessAlly:

Stripe logo

Integrate with Stripe

Make sure you've integrated your Stripe API keys, and created the CRM integration form to add new customers to your CRM. You need either Stripe or PayPal set up, or both.

PayPal logo

Integrate with PayPal

Make sure you've integrated your PayPal API keys, and created the CRM integration form to add new customers to your CRM. You need either Stripe or PayPal set up, or both.


Design Your Order Form

Start with one of the pre-built templates, then customize your order form design and layout to optimize your checkout experience.


Create Your Offerings & Order Forms

Use the Offering wizard and templates to create your offerings. Then create any number of paid Order Forms as an entry point into your content.

Additional Options to Increase Sales

Coupons & Discounts

Offer simple coupons or set up advanced promotions.

Free & Paid Trials

Offer a free or paid trial period, followed by an automatic charge.

Order Form Toggles

Switch between two different order forms: useful for payment plans or currencies.

1-Click Upsells

Add an upsell offer to your site that users can take advantage of without having to re-enter their billing information.

Order Bump Upsells

Include your upsell offer on an order form.

Abandoned Cart Follow-Up

Get in touch with people who start purchasing but abandon their order.

Managing Subscriptions & Payments

Subscription Paths

Make it easy for members to upgrade, downgrade, and change their subscriptions with subscription paths.

Subscription Self-Serve

Let customers manage their own subscriptions to pause, resume, or cancel.

Credit Card Updates

Let members update their credit card on file and process outstanding payments.


Here's how to cancel, resume, and stop payments for your customers when they email in.

Refund Payments

Sometimes you need to refund someone's payment, here's how!

Additional Fees & Shipping

Taxes & VAT

You can add sales tax, VAT, and other fees to your order forms.

Shipping Fees

Selling physical products? You can include a breakdown of shipping fees on your order forms.

Multiple Currencies

Selling to clients across the globe? Provide an option for them to place an order using the currency of their choice.

GDPR & Mandatory Checkboxes

Add a mandatory checkbox to your order forms, so you can get consent to market.

IMPORTANT: Test Your Setup

Test Your Setup

Before sending leads to your new order forms, let's take time to send a test user from start to finish. 

Payment Status Descriptions

Status Meaning
Started (Not Finished) The client began the checkout process but did not complete it.
Success The order went through and the payment has been charged successfully.
Failed The payment could not be processed for some reason. This could be due to an incorrect credit card info.
Refunded A successful order was fully refunded to the client.
Partially Refunded A successful order was partially refunded to the client.
Error A system error prevented the payment from processing. Please contact your developer or AccessAlly tech support.
SCA Pending The system is waiting for the client's SCA confirmation to be completed.
SCA Success The client's SCA confirmation went through successfully, and the payment can be processed.
SCA Failed The client's SCA confirmation failed. The payment will not be processed.
Updated on November 15, 2023
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