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How to Design & Customize Your Order Forms

With AccessAlly, you can create (and save) a variety of order form designs, all with unique elements, colors, and layouts. Once the order form designs are saved, you can then designate which design you’d like for each offer.

How To Design And Customize Your Order Forms

1Where to Locate the Order Form Design Settings (0:00)
2How to add a new design (0:58)
3Design templates available (1:09)
4How to change the colors of your order form (1:51)
5How to add elements to your order form (2:46)
6Additional Options: Import / Export / Duplicate Design (5:08)
7How to apply a new order form design to your offers (5:40)
8How to add the order form to a page (6:28)
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Updated on June 11, 2019

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