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How to Use AccessAlly With ThriveCart

Using AccessAlly for your course and membership solution, but want to stick with ThriveCart for order forms and sales? Take time to look through this page to make sure the handoff between your systems works as needed for seamless integration.

At this time it’s not possible to use AccessAlly Managed Contacts with ThriveCart.

ThriveCart + AccessAlly Communication

When a user makes a purchase via ThriveCart, you need that info to be passed onto your CRM + AccessAlly, so the two systems can communicate and give the user access to the correct content on your site.

The flow should run as follows:

Step 1: User Makes Purchase

This all happens inside your ThriveCart account.

Step 2: ThriveCart Communicates With Your CRM

When the purchase is completed, ThriveCart needs to pass the info over to your CRM, so that a contact can be created (if one does not already exist for that email), and any necessary tags can be applied to the contact.

For example, if someone purchases your “AccessAlly 101 Course”, the CRM should add the “accessally_101_course_made_purchase” tag in the CRM. This tag can be used to trigger an automation that creates a new user inside your membership account (so the client can use their own email and password to log in), as well as give the client all necessary permission tags so they can access the course pages.

For more information on connecting ThriveCart to your CRM/marketing automation tool, please see the ThriveCart documentation:

Additional Setup for ThriveCart

There are some additional setup/integration issues that you’ll want to work out with your ThriveCart setup, including:

  • Cancellations / Refunds: When someone cancels (with or without a refund), you’ll need to make sure this info is passed onto your CRM+AccessAlly. This can generally be done with a single tag applied to the user, which trigger an automation that revokes access.
  • Failed Payments (for payment plans or subscriptions): When a credit card fails (which can be due to card expiration), ThriveCart needs to pass this info over to your CRM+AccessAlly. Again, this should include applying a tag to the user, so you can send them follow up emails to remind them to update their card, as well as let the systems know if the card was updated–or if access needs to be revoked.
Updated on April 1, 2024
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