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How to Refund A Purchase (Full & Partial Amounts)

Refunds and cancellations are an inevitable part of running an online business. If you are using AccessAlly’s order forms, you can refund a purchase in AccessAlly, directly inside your membership site.

Note: This is a process that only pertains to payments and refunds. No permission tags or subscription statuses will be updated. (Example: if you have not canceled or stopped a subscription, the refund will not do it for you.)

How to Refund a Purchase

Step 1: Open the Order Info

Log into your membership site and go to: AccessAlly > Purchase Log. Then, click on the Order ID number next to the order you wish to refund.

Step 2: Initiate Refund Process

Inside the Credit Card Payment section, you will see a grey button labeled Refund Credit Card Payment. Click on the button.

Step 3: Determine Refund Parameters (Full or Partial)

After clicking on the button in Step 2, you will see a pop up with additional parameters:

  • Refund Amount: Here you can decide whether you want to refund the full amount (default) or a partial amount.
  • Commission Clawback: Check the box if you do NOT want to create a commission clawback for the affiliate associated with this order. If left unchecked, a clawback will be automatically created.
  • Do NOT Process Refund Automatically: If, for some reason, you do not want the refund to be automatically processed in your payment processor/PayPal, please check this box.

When you’re ready, please click on the Refund Payment button, the refund will take place automatically.
Updated on October 19, 2020

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