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Special Order Form Coupon Code in AccessAlly

In this article you’ll learn how to create a Special Order Form Coupon Code in AccessAlly. This coupon code type runs between a start time and end time, so you can use it over a two week course launch promotion, or for early promo pricing!

1. Prep Steps

Before starting this article you will need:

  • an AccessAlly Order Form

2. Create Coupon Code

Go to AccessAlly → Sales → Promo Setup → Click “NEW PROMOTION”

You can give the promotion code a descriptive name by clicking the brush icon.

3. Configure

Choose “Simple Mode” or “Advanced” from the dropdown menu. Simple mode is best for most use cases.

Select Simple Mode in Coupon Settings

4. Order Forms

Select which order forms you’d like to use with this coupon code.

Select Order Forms in Coupon with AccessAlly

5. How to Activate This Promotion

Select “Special order form coupon code” from the dropdown.

Special Order Form Coupon Code in AccessAlly

6. Active Time Frame

If you would like this coupon code to expire within a time frame you can add the dates below, if this coupon code can be used anytime – leave this blank.

Coupon code active time frame in AccessAlly

7. Generate Coupon Code

The coupon code here will always be used with this coupon. You can use your own code (like SAVE50) or click “Generate” to create a random coupon code.

Remember the code shown here will always be used with this coupon.

Add Coupon Code in AccessAlly

8. Limit Use

In the limit use section you can set how many times this coupon code can be used. This is helpful if you’d like to offer promotions where only the first 10 people that checkout with your code get this discount.

9. Display a Message

The wording added to this section appears when the coupon has been applied on your order form.

10. Save Your Coupon

Click the gray “SAVE” button on the bottom right to save your new coupon.

Updated on April 19, 2024
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