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How to Test Your Order Forms with Stripe or PayPal in AccessAlly

Before anything on your membership site or course area goes “live”, you’ll want to test (and re-test) everything. This tutorial shows you how to test your order forms, so you know for sure that the products (and subscriptions) you set up will work as planned.

Enabling Stripe Test Mode

If you are setting up your site for the first time and you want to run multiple test orders, you can set up Stripe in “test mode”.

Screenshot of test mode commands

Navigate to AccessAlly Settings -> Payment Settings -> Credit Card. With Stripe Connect selected from the dropdown, you will hold down the following keys on your keyword while you click the “Connect with Stripe” button.

Hold down: Command and Shift keys on your keyboard, then click the “Connect with Stripe” button.

You will then be taken to the Stripe site to complete the connection, and you will know that you’re in test mode by seeing the “test mode” text on this page.

Screenshot of Stripe test mode

Once you’ve completed all of your testing, you will want to click the “Disconnect From Stripe” button and then go through your Stripe Connect setup again without holding down the testing keys.

Screenshot of disconnect button

That way you’ll be able to connect to your official account and start taking real orders!

Testing with a real Stripe account and real credit cards

The recommended way to test order forms is by testing with real money using your credit card.

Once your order forms are live on a page, you can begin your testing. From start to finish, here’s how the full process looks.

Step 1: Set up your order forms

If you’re unsure how, please review this guide to setting up your products and order forms: Tutorial.

OPTIONAL: Create a coupon to use while testing

If you wish, you can create a coupon to use while testing. This is especially helpful if you’re selling high-priced items and do not wish several large purchases to appear on your card. This coupon should make the price at least $1 versus testing for free so you can also test the refund process.

Coupon Tutorial here.

Step 2: Place an order

Now, place an order on each one of your order forms using a real, valid credit card. If you’ve created ten order forms, plan on putting an order through each one at least once.

If you have multiple payment plans or order bumps, 1-click upsells, and upgrades or downgrades) you’ll test every path!

If you are taking both Stripe and PayPal payments you’ll test buying from each payment processor.

Note for Facebook Browser Users

Please be aware that making a purchase via PayPal is currently not possible within the Facebook browser. If a user does attempt an order form purchase with PayPal when using the Facebook browser, they will see this message:

PayPal notification for Facebook browser

Step 3: Review Stripe / PayPal information

After your order has gone through, go into Stripe (or PayPal) to confirm that the order has taken place. Do not refund the order yet.

Step 4: Review Information in Your CRM

Check your CRM to make sure all permission tags have been added and that the email you used for the purchase has been added to any automated sequence you’ve set up.

Step 5: Refund The Money

Once you’ve ensured that your tagging and follow-up automations are working properly, you can safely assume that the setup has been done properly. Now it is time to refund the money you’ve received.

How to Refund a Purchase

Step 6: If Applicable Stop Future Payment Plans

If you are refunding a subscription, please see this tutorial to ensure that future payments on recurring subscriptions and payment plans are also cancelled.

Step 7: Remove Access

Now that you have issued the refund it is time to remove access to the offering This can be done manually by going to:

AccessAlly > Sales > Orders > Find the order > Click the Success button by the user > Click the Member Details button

Add the revoke access tag as shown in the image below for the desired offering to immediately remove access for your test user.

Revoke Access

Updated on November 16, 2023
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