How to Create an Order Bump

AccessAlly’s Order Bump feature allows you to create quick upsell offers inside your AccessAlly order forms. Use them for quick purchase bumps.

You can see 7 order bump examples in this blog post.

Looking for a regular 1-click upsell (for use with AccessAlly’s order forms + any CRM)?
See this tutorial: How to Create a 1-Click Upsell

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

The order bumps work by substituting one offer (the “base” offer) for another (The base offer + upsell). So the first step is to set up your products & offers that you wish to use.

Example Scenario for Tutorial:

In this sample setup, the base offer is an online course.
The upsell offer will add video lessons to the purchase for $1.

Step 1: Create Your Products

First, go to AccessAlly > Products to create the products you wish to include.
Product setup tutorial here.

Step 2: Create Your Offers

An order bump will allow the purchaser to switch between different offers, so you’ll need to create two separate offers: one without the upsell product, and one with the upsell product.

Offer setup tutorial here.

Sample Setup:

Here you can see the “Base” Offer consists only of the Online Course product.

The “Upsell” Offer consists of the Online Course product + the Video Lesson product.

Please note that, if the user does NOT take advantage of the upsell, the first (“base”) offer’s settings will be applied to the purchaser – as well as any tags, automations, etc.

If the user DOES take advantage of the upsell, the second (“upsell”) offer’s settings will be applied to the purchaser instead.

Make sure to set up your tags and CRM automations with this in mind.

Step 3: Create Your Order Bump

Once your offers are set up, go to the Order Bump tab. Here, click on the yellow “Add New Order Bump” button.

Then, select the proper Offers from the two dropdown areas.

The text areas will be shown on the order form to entice users to click on the upsell – and confirm that it has been added to the order.

Step 4: Add to Page

Create the page you want to embed the order form on. Then, add the form to the page by selecting the AccessAlly shortcode adder > Order Bump.

Once the Order Bump has been added to the page (and the page is published), your order form with a 1-click upsell is ready to go!

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Updated on January 4, 2019

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