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How To Set Up Subscriptions (Recurring Payments) With AccessAlly

With AccessAlly’s ecommerce feature, you can create and sell subscriptions (recurring payments) to individual online courses or your membership site as a whole.

The subscriptions can be set up to charge indefinitely (until a cancel is requested by the client). This is the most common setup for a membership site subscription.

You can also set up your subscription to charge for a limited time. This is the most common setup if you’re offering a payment plan to clients for a high-end product (for example, you can sell a $1000 product in 10 monthly payments of $100 each).

Before you can use the recurring payment feature, please make sure AccessAlly is connected to your Stripe account or PayPal account and for PayPal you can see how to enable recurring subscriptions here.

Video Tutorial: How To Set Up An Indefinite Subscription / Recurring Payment

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up A Finite (Limited) Subscription

Updated on March 12, 2019

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