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How to Locate a Specific Order Made through AccessAlly

If you are using AccessAlly payments to sell your products and subscriptions, you may need to locate a specific order to track its status – or give a refund via your payment processing system (PayPal or Stripe).

This video tutorial shows you how to search for your existing order log in AccessAlly.

Video Tutorial


Payment Status Descriptions

ErrorA system error prevented the payment from processing. Please contact your developer or AccessAlly tech support.

Status Meaning
Started (Not Finished) The client began the checkout process but did not complete it.
Success The order went through and the payment has been charged successfully.
Failed The payment could not be processed for some reason. This could be due to an incorrect credit card info.
Refunded A successful order was fully refunded to the client.
Partially Refunded A successful order was partially refunded to the client.
SCA Pending The system is waiting for the client’s SCA confirmation to be completed.
SCA Success The client’s SCA confirmation went through successfully, and the payment can be processed.
SCA Failed The client’s SCA confirmation failed. The payment will not be processed.
Updated on October 28, 2020

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