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The Admin’s Guide to Managing Subscriptions

AccessAlly Subscriptions are possible when you’re integrated with Stripe. In an ideal world, when someone signs up for a subscription purchase, they simply receive recurring charges on their credit card to stay “active”.

However, you must decide how you wish to handle cancellations, failed payments, etc. This article will show you which routes are available to you–and when you may wish to use one versus another.

Please read through this article carefully. There are many nuanced situations inside your membership site where details are all-important.

The Three Methods For Managing a Subscription

There are a three possible methods to use when you need to manage some part of your subscriptions:

1. Automations

You may create CRM automations for some of your subscription management needs, by using the designated trigger tags that you set up inside your subscription product.

Once configured, these automations will run whenever the corresponding trigger tag is added to the user by AccessAlly.

Please familiarize yourself with these tags by reading this tutorial: Subscription Product Tags and How They Work

2. Admin-Initiated (Partially or Fully Manual)

When a client emails in and requests a specific operation, an admin may perform a MANUAL action to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Common manual actions include:

  • Revoke Subscription
  • Stop Subscription
  • Resume Subscription
  • Charge Outstanding Payments
  • Skip Payments

Please read more How to Manage Subscriptions With Admin Options.

3. Client-Initiated

If you wish for a client to manage their own subscriptions, you must set up the automations inside your CRM (whether that’s cancelling, revoking access, etc.).

Then, you can give the client the ability to add the trigger tag themselves through the Add a Tag Custom Operation.

Please be aware that this is NOT recommended.

In all cases, if a refund is necessary for a subscription product, the admin must manually perform the action inside Stripe. Because of this–and the high possibility of error when you are setting up your automations–we recommend that you do not give your users the ability to initiate subscription-management operations by clicking custom operation buttons.

We recommend that you ask them to email your customer service, instead.

Updated on July 3, 2018

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