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Subscription Management: Stop Subscription

In the Subscription Management area, you have the option to pause a subscription on AccessAlly. You’ll find the option listed as “Stop subscription”, but it acts as more of a pause because you can resume it later.

Screenshot of pause subscription section

What Happens when you Pause a subscription:

  • The Stop tag (configured in AccessAlly > Products) is added to the user.

Tip: Use the STOP tag in your CRM automations, so that the user will be unsubscribed to any follow-up sequences if it’s added to their account.

What does NOT Happen:

  • The revoke tag is NOT added.
  • This does NOT refund money spent.

How to use it:

Pause and Resume subscriptions

The most common use case for this option is to “pause a subscription” for a period of time, without removing access for the client. This might be done because you want to extend the time someone has on a membership, or to give people extra free time. (You can also skip payments to achieve this, but in some cases like a yearly subscription a pause and resume is a better solution.)

When paired with the Resume subscription option, a stop or pause of a subscription is very useful for administrators.

Stop duplicate subscriptions

If your subscriber accidentally made a duplicate purchase, you can use this option to ensure that the subscriber only receives ONE set of follow-up sequences, AND does not accidentally lose access to content (like they would if a full Revoke tag was added.)

Switching between subscriptions

You might also use this option if someone is “upgrading” their subscription to a higher tier, and you want them to maintain access to the original content, but only receive email automations for the new tier.

If you can’t remember what stop tag you have configured, please go to AccessAlly > Products > Products. You can find the STOP tag under the automation tab, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Updated on November 17, 2020

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