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Subscription Management: Pause Subscription in AccessAlly

In the Subscription Management area, you have the option to pause a subscription on AccessAlly.

To the admin, this looks like:

Screenshot of pause settings

What Happens When You Pause a Subscription

  • The PAUSE tag is added to the member.

Screenshot of permission tags

Tip: Use the PAUSE tag in your CRM automations, so that the user will be unsubscribed to any follow-up sequences if it’s added to their account.

Once the action is completed, the member will see that their subscription is marked as Paused in the order list:

Paused Subscription

If the user purchased through PayPal, it will show as Finished:

PayPal option

What does NOT Happen When You Pause a Subscription

  • The revoke tag is not added.
  • This does NOT refund money spent.
  • Access to offering content is not removed.

How To Use It

Pause and Resume subscriptions

The most common use case for this option is to “pause a subscription” for a period of time, without removing access to offering content for the client. This might be done because you want to extend the time someone has on a membership, or to give people extra free time. (You can also skip payments to achieve this, but in some cases like a yearly subscription a pause and resume is a better solution.)

When paired with the Resume subscription option, a stop or pause of a subscription is very useful for administrators.

Stop duplicate subscriptions

If your subscriber accidentally made a duplicate purchase, you can use this option to ensure that the subscriber only receives ONE set of follow-up sequences, AND does not accidentally lose access to content (like they would if a full Revoke tag was added.)

Switching between subscriptions

You might also use this option if someone is “upgrading” their subscription to a higher tier, and you want them to maintain access to the original content, but only receive email automations for the new tier.

Using Webhooks with a CRM system

If you’d like to stop or cancel a subscription without clicking on this button inside the Orders and Subscriptions area of AccessAlly, you can do it via a webhook.

There is no pause webhook for subscriptions, instead, you will use the “aal_​cancelsubscription” webhook. Find out more about running webhooks here.

What Happens when a Pause Subscription is Resumed?

Learn about the Resume Subscription option here.

Updated on December 4, 2023
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