Subscription Management: Skip Payments

In the Subscription Management area of AccessAlly, you have the option to “skip payments” on a subscription.

Skip payments through the Purchase Logs

What Happens:

  • A specified number of future subscription payments are “skipped” (not charged) to the user.
  • Charges will resume normally when the specified number of payment cycles are used up.

What does NOT Happen:

  • The subscription status is NOT changed (if it is inactive or revoked from missed payments)
  • NO tags are added or removed (if revoke tags were added because of missed payments, this option does not give the user access to the course material

How to use it:

Use this operation to allow subscribers to “skip” any number of whole recurring payments.

An example use of this feature is when you’d like to give a client two free “months” of a monthly subscription. Rather than set up an entirely new promo inside AccessAlly’s Products and Offers, you can manually grant them free months (or however long your recurring payment is) here.

It’s not possible to skip “half a month” or part of a yearly subscription. If you want to give people a price break instead of skipping whole payments, you’ll want to check out the offer switch tutorial here.

Note: This feature is NOT connected with AccessAlly’s credit system.

Updated on October 11, 2019

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