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AccessAlly Emails Guide

This AccessAlly Emails Guide walks you through how to use AccessAlly's native email sending to automate invoices, affiliate notifications, and more.

How Emails Work With AccessAlly

With AccessAlly's email settings, you can automate the following email types:

  • Invoice - this email sends when a purchase (and/or recurring charge) is made
  • Welcome - when a purchase is made, this email welcomes the user and can provide login details, set expectations, and more.
  • Affiliate sale notification - this email notifies an affiliate when they make a sale.
  • Payment fail notification - this email sends automatically to a user when a recurring charge fails to process on their card.

For more advanced email sending, including course drip notification emails, abandon cart sequences, and multi-email notifications, please utilize your CRM integration.

Here's What You'll Need to Set Up Emails in AccessAlly


Activate WP SES Plugin

By itself, WordPress email sending does not typically boast of reliable deliverability. To prevent your invoices from regularly landing in spam folders, we recommend installing and activating the Amazon SES plugin.


Shared Blocks

Use templates to make email sending more efficient and on-brand with AccessAlly.


Set Up Email

Now, you can choose what type of email you'd like to send. Each type will include your company information and shared header/footer blocks. 

Welcome Emails

Send welcome emails directly from AccessAlly, so your new members can get their login links right away.


Send itemized invoices to customers when they make a purchase (or when a recurring payment is charged). 

Affiliate Sale Notification

Let your affiliates know the moment they make a sale. 

Failed Payment Notifications

When a recurring payment fails to charge for a membership or payment plan, this email reminds the client to log in and update their billing information.

Updated on October 12, 2020

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