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AccessAlly Emails Guide

This AccessAlly Email Guide walks you through how to use AccessAlly’s built-in email sending to automate invoices, share affiliate sale notifications, let users know when new modules are released, and so much more.

Types of Emails You Can Send with AccessAlly

With AccessAlly’s email settings, you can automate the following email types:

  • Invoices – this email sends an invoice email when a purchase (and/or recurring charge) is made
  • Welcome emails – this email welcomes the user and can provide login details, set expectations, and more.
  • Payment failed emails – this email sends automatically to a user when a recurring charge fails to process on their card.
  • Renewal reminder emails – this email is sent before a subscription is about to renew, to remind people of an upcoming charge.
  • Affiliate sale emails – this email notifies an affiliate when they’ve made an affiliate sale or when their current affiliate has made a recurring payment.
  • Module release emails – this email notifies a participant that a new dripped module has been released.

For more advanced email sending, including course drip notification emails, abandon cart sequences, and multi-email notifications, please use your CRM integration.

Looking for administrative email options? Click here to see how to enable admin email notifications, for sales, invoices, failed payments, and cancellations.

Use Amazon SES to Deliver Your Emails

WordPress email sending does not typically boast of reliable deliverability. To ensure your emails get delivered, while keeping them out of spam folders, we recommend installing and activating the Amazon SES plugin.

Resource: Sending Emails from Amazon SES

Use Templates and Shared Blocks to Create On Brand Emails

Create the best user experience with Email Templates and Shared Blocks – click to see how!

Set Up Your Emails

Now, it’s time to choose what type of emails you’d like to send. Each type will include your company information and shared header/footer blocks.

  1. Welcome Emails
  2. Invoice Emails
  3. Affiliate Sale Notification Emails
  4. Module Release Notification Emails
  5. Renewal Reminder Emails

Built-in emails vs. sending emails from your CRM

If you’re using your CRM or another platform to take payments, but you would prefer to use the built-in AccessAlly emails to take advantage of the drip functionality: you can!

You need to use a Webhook to release the offering, and let AccessAlly know to start the dripping process. Simply applying a tag to the contact will give them access, but not start the drip process.

Use the Webhook generator, choose Custom Operations and select the “Release” for the offering in question.

Screenshot of webhook to release offering

Then run this webhook in your CRM to give access to members and enroll them in the dripped functionality, which includes release emails.

Updated on November 24, 2021

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