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[GUIDE] Switching to AccessAlly Managed Contacts

In this guide we’ll cover the steps to switching from an integrated CRM system to using AccessAlly Managed Contacts.

Remember with this “switch” AccessAlly will no longer be connected to or use a CRM system.


  1. Staging site – this allows you to “switch” and make all needed changes and adjustments without impacting users on your live site.
  2. Fluent SMTP – to ensure email deliverability

Staging Site Review Items

Once you have your staging site setup it’s time to review and prepare BEFORE switching.

  1. Offering Module Release Timers – ensure all offerings have release timers set up to deliver modules
  2. AccessAlly Emails – ensure this feature is turned on and set up in your staging site
  3. AccessAlly Order Forms – all paid offerings will need an AccessAlly order form with a Release Custom operation (to release dripped content modules)
  4. AccessAlly Opt-in Forms – all free opt-in offerings will need an AccessAlly opt-in form
  5. Webhooks – are a thing of the past in AccessAlly Managed Contacts. Before switching you’ll want to review all webhooks on your webhooks log. Any webhooks run via the CRM will no longer function.
  6. Contacts – make a list of 10 contacts to spot check post-conversion. This list will have the following details (from WordPress > Users tab)
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Contact ID Number
    4. Email Adddress
    5. Tags
    6. Referring Affiliate: If applicable
    7. Order ID numbers: If applicable

Backup Your Site

Before converting your site to AccessAlly Managed Contacts make a full backup of your live AccessAlly site.

Converting Your Site

After completing the steps above it is time to convert your site. Go to AccessAlly > Settings > General Setup > CRM Integration > Select Migrate to AccessAlly Managed system from the dropdown. And… click the blue “Run Migration” button.

Migrate to AMC

Step 1: Start Verification

This step allows you to review everything before officially migrating to AccessAlly Managed Contacts. This step is displayed when the Migrate all records box is left UNCHECKED as shown in the image below.

Verification Migration

Important: Any items that are flagged with an “!” during verification will need review before moving into the next step.

Verification Settings

Step 2: Start Migration

Upon checking the “Migrate all records” box the wording will change and the button will display “Run Migration.”

If you select “Import all contacts” all contacts in your CRM will be brought into your AccessAlly site. *This option can drastically increase the time it takes for your site to be converted.

A check by “Do NOT turn off Maintenance mode at the end” will prevent payments from being processed on your site while you review the migration.

Start Migration

Step 3: Review Contacts

Now it’s time to review 10 contacts (from your list in the Staging Site Review steps above) from the WordPress Users tab to ensure the Contact ID number, name, email, and tags match.

Step 4: Take Site Out of Maintenance Mode

If you selected to keep your site in maintenance mode you can turn this off by going to AccessAlly > Settings > Migration Tools and removing the check box by this option.

Maintenance Mode Off

Step 5: Make Test Purchase

Visit the order form for your offerings and make a test purchase. Confirm that:

  1. The order is successful
  2. You can see the expected Offering content
  3. You receive a welcome email
  4. A new user is created on your site

Step 6: Push staging site to live

Now it’s time to push the changes from your staging site to your live site. Before pushing the changes refer to this article about preventing duplicate payments.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about converting to AccessAlly Managed Contacts, we’re here to help. Contact us or join an upcoming Tune Up Call.

Updated on November 16, 2023
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