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[Guide] Migrate An Existing Membership Site To AccessAlly

Are you ready to migrate an existing membership site to AccessAlly? Great!

This Guide will walk you through what it takes to migrate a site … as well as connect you with the step-by-step tutorial that will fit your unique scenario.

Take time to read through this page. The process will look different, depending on whether you are moving from another WordPress plugin, another CRM, or a third-party system.

For a comprehensive look at setting up a membership site from start to finish, please see the AccessAlly Membership Site Checklist.

What Happens During A Membership Site Migration?

A membership site migration often follows the same steps of a regular website re-build:

  1. A “staging” website is created, so that you can work behind-the-scenes, making sure your migration is done properly before you roll it out to current membership subscribers.
  2. Install a WordPress theme, set up menus, add additional styling
  3. The course content and key pages must be re-built, using AccessAlly so that you can automate the entire system with your CRM & AccessAlly’s admin options.
  4. You’ll create a new AccessAlly order form and have existing members re-purchase their subscription. Subscriptions cannot be migrated over as you need your members’ permission to change how they’re paying you. We share four of our best tips to help you transition payments to your new system right here.

A membership site migration will include three steps, in addition to the ones listed above:

  1. All permission tags and automations must be set up inside your CRM system
  2. The permissions and access tags must be assigned properly to each member, so that they retain the same access after the migration as before.
  3. Test, test, & test again before you make it official.

Since this is a fairly complex process with many inter-dependent steps, we do recommend that you enlist the help of an AccessAlly Certified Partner (or other qualified developer).

Find Your Migration Scenario

Please find your migration scenario from this list:

Don’t see the right scenario in the list above? Email us and let us know: your@accessally.com

The Migration Checklist

If you hold a current AccessAlly license, you can access the Migration Checklist directly inside our members-only area here: Membership Site Migration Checklist

How to Test & Troubleshoot Your Membership Site

In this stage, you’ll do a final run-through of your membership site, making sure your automations and pages are set up properly from start to finish.

  • To plan for the end-user experience, create a test user allows to you test your new course (and automation) – Tutorial

Some testing best practices include:

  • Start with the initial opt-in or purchase, and follow all of the steps as a “normal” user would.
  • Be sure to use a unique email address that has not been used to view the course
  • Once all testing is done, be sure to cancel your payment and refund or cancel the subscription to avoid any recurring charges for this test user by following the guide here.

Additional Resources For Membership Site Migration

Whether you’re hiring a developer or are doing the migration yourself, we do have some additional resources you may find helpful.

Please bear in mind that many of the links below lead to advanced tutorials, requiring some understanding of how software systems work together.

Updated on February 11, 2020

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