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[Guide] How to Use Custom Operations

Learn how to use custom operations to enhance your AccessAlly course or membership site on WordPress.

The capabilities afforded by these custom operations are many and varied – please take the time to read through the list and understand how you can use them to create more fine-tuned, personalized automations for your AccessAlly site.

List of Available Custom Operations

How to Trigger a Custom Operation to Run

There are three ways to trigger custom operations inside AccessAlly:

  1. Through the AccessAlly interface itself (for example, AccessAlly’s order form settings include an option for you to select a custom operation to run when an order is successfully submitted)
  2. By adding a button to a page that allows users to initiate the action (tutorial)
  3. By running a webhook inside a CRM automation (tutorial)

Please note that some custom operations do not permit all trigger types.

Create a Credit System (Increase/Decrease the Field Value)

This feature allows you to increase or decrease a numerical value from a custom field in a contact’s account. With this capability, you can built out a credit system or reward points tally.

Grant permission to a course

This custom operation allows you to add any/all applicable course permission tags to a user with a single action. Learn more about how it works here.

Revoke permission to a course

This custom operation allows you to revoke access to an entire course with a single action. Learn more about how it works here.

Apply Tags To Any Logged-In User

This functionality is useful if you want customers to be able to start or stop their own subscriptions, purchase additional courses, or otherwise be more in control of what they’re seeing inside the membership site. This capability is powerful, and easy to use and customize.

Show Countdown Timer

If you want to display a countdown timer that is specific to each member, based on when they took a certain action – it’s totally possible. This can come in handy if you’re doing an evergreen promotion with a timed special offer that expires after a set amount of time for each visitor.

Tag-based split testing

Split testing your content is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re presenting your members with the most effective, helpful material. AccessAlly allows you to split test different content using your CRM’s tags.

On demand login creation

The on demand login creation feature for AccessAlly is a powerful tool when you want to give immediate access to your free courses as soon as a subscriber submits an opt-in form.The on demand login feature is also indispensable when you are not storing your users’ passwords in your CRM, since it logs the user in without revealing or storing their password.

Initiate Team Leader

This custom operation type will create a Team and designate a user as the Team Leader. It can only be triggered when used with an order form.

Run a Series of Custom Operations

Do you want to run multiple custom operations simultaneously? Use this type to “group” the various operations together so you’re only working with one trigger (versus multiple).


Increase (or decrease) Team Size

To increase (or decrease) team sizes (when using the AccessAlly Teams Feature), you can create a custom operation that can be triggered by an order form.


Create a new custom operation and select the change team size option. Here, you can designate the team whose size should be changed (note that this must always be correlated with a specific team. If you have 5 teams and would like each one to be able to increase their size through an order form, you will have to create 5 separate custom operations)

To decrease the team size, you can make the number negative:

Generate coupon


Subscription action

Tutorial coming soon!

Run a series of custom operations

You can choose to create a single custom operation that triggers multiple operations simultaneously…or, in plain English: manage multiple custom operations from a single trigger. Learn how this works here.

Run ProgressAlly Event

This custom operation is fairly self-explanatory: it allows you to initiate a ProgressAlly Event by running the custom operation. The ProgressAlly Event can initiate either a tag addition to the user, or mark a number of objectives complete.

Tutorial: Custom Operation: Run a ProgressAlly Event.

Updated on March 23, 2021

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