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How to Set up a Bulk License Order Form

When you’ve set up a team inside AccessAlly, it’s time to create a special order form that automatically creates a team when someone purchases through it. This special order form will also designate the purchaser as a team Leader, so they can get started adding additional members to their team.

If you’re not using the AccessAlly order forms because you have a different shopping cart, you can still create teams through your CRM, here’s how.

How to Set Up The Order Form

The Workflow:

First, plan out the sequence of events that you want to be automated. In this example, we’ll be using the following flow:

A sample workflow would be:

  1. User Purchases a Team License Through An Order Form
  2. (Order Form Automatically Creates a Team)
  3. Purchaser is designated as a team leader and receives login info via email
  4. Whenever the team leader adds another member to the team, the new user receives login info via email

Haven’t set up a team yet? Head back to the main Teams Guide and complete step 1.

Step 1: Set up a Custom Operation

This custom operation will automatically create a team. We’ll use it on the Order Form.

Go to AccessAlly > Custom Operations > Add New.


  • Choose what this operation will do: Initiate team leader
  • Select a team to initiate: [select your team from the dropdown]

ADVANCED: Replace an existing team
As you create your custom operation, you might want to offer upgrade and downgrade options for team leaders. This is an advanced use case, and may be used in the following example scenario:
Team “Silver” has access to a single course inside the membership site. One of the team leaders would like to upgrade to the “Gold” team level, which has access to ALL the content inside your membership site. Since you wouldn’t want them to lose access (or manually change their tags), you can select the “Team Gold” as the team to be initiated, with “Team Silver” as the team to be replaced.

The replacement option does NOT affect the team size, merely their permission tags.

Step 2: Set Up Your Order Form

Now it’s time to create the order form. Remember that an AccessAlly order form is always made up of one or more products inside an offer.

2.1 – Create Your Product
A team product is fairly straightforward: simply choose the product name and amount to be charged (and whether it is a one-time purchase vs. a recurring subscription).

Press here to see example

2.2 – Create Your Offer
Next, add the team “product” to an offer.

IMPORTANT: When setting up this offer, be sure to go to the Automation tab and select the custom operation you created in step 1, as in the screenshot below. Once selected, the following actions will take place automatically after a successful purchase:

  1. A new team will be automatically created
  2. The client who placed the order will receive the “Team Leader” tag and any welcome tags that you designated when first setting up the team.

(Optional) Step 3: Set Up Your Team Leader Automation

At this point, all of the essential actions of creating a new team will happen automatically as soon as the client submits the order form.

However, you may wish to send the new team leader a welcome email. If this is the case, please create a new CRM automation to make it happen with the following elements:

  1. Trigger: When the “Team Leader” tag is added
  2. Send Email
Infusionsoft/Keap - Example Campaign

Ontraport - Example Campaign

ConvertKit - Example Automation

ActiveCampaign - Example Automation

Drip - Example Workflow

Please note:

Since team members are added manually by the team leader, no further actions need to be taken on your part to ensure the team runs smoothly.

(Optional) Step 4: Set Up Your Team Member Automation

In Step 4 of this tutorial, you designated a team member that will be applied to a user as soon as the leader adds them to the team.

You can use this tag to trigger an automation that is almost identical to the Leader automation: a quick email that welcomes the new team member and tells them how to log in.

Infusionsoft/Keap - Example Campaign

Ontraport - Example Campaign

ConvertKit - Example Automation

ActiveCampaign - Example Automation

Drip - Example Workflow

Updated on October 30, 2020

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