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Custom Operation: Grant Course Permission

The Grant Course Permission custom operation allows you to grant course permission on AccessAlly by apply course access tags to an entire course, specific module, or set of modules with a single action.

This action also removes all corresponding revoke/PAYF tags for the corresponding pages.

This allows you to accomplish things like:

  • Run the custom operation when an order is placed, so the user immediately gains all appropriate access to the content they purchased.
  • (AccessAlly Pro Users) Run the custom operation when a checklist is completed, so the user can immediately gain access to a subsequent module

How to Create & Configure this Custom Operation

There are two ways to create this custom operation:

1. Use the Course Wizard

When you are creating a new course inside the Course Wizard, you can check the box at the bottom of the Permission Tags page. This will tell AccessAlly that you’d like the grant and revoke access custom operations to automatically be created.

2. Manually Create Operation

Alternatively, you can simply go to: AccessAlly > Custom Operations to create a new custom operation with the following settings:

  • Choose what this operation will do: Grant permission to a course
  • Select a course: (choose an already-created course from the dropdown)
If you selected a course that’s built in the Stage-Released format, you’ll see one extra set of options:

If Grant permission to ALL modules is selected, the tag applied will be the Instant Access permission tag.

If Grant permission to some modules is selected, you’ll see a list of all modules. Check the ones you would like this custom operation to give permission to.

How to Initiate the Custom Operation

This custom operation can be run in one of two ways:

  1. Use the included webhook to run the custom operation at a specified point in your CRM automation
  2. Use AccessAlly to initiate the custom operation during a product purchase or checklist completion (AccessAlly Pro users only)
Updated on October 15, 2020

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