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What are ProgressAlly Events and How Do They Work?

AccessAlly Pro (formerly ProgressAlly) includes a unique “Events” feature that allows you to create powerful automations inside your membership site.

For example, you can tag a user when they log into the site, view a certain page, or complete specific objectives.

This can open up even more opportunity for you to make your website ultra-personal for the user.

Please watch the video tutorial on this page to learn how to set it up:

Video Tutorial

Using “Events” to Check Off Objectives

Sometimes you might want to check off an objective on another page (or on the same page) based on a certain set of objectives being completed.

One use case might be to have someone submit 3 Private Notes, and having an objective that says “Submitted all homework” automatically checked off.

Here’s how you’d set something like this up in ProgressAlly Events:

Checking off objectives automatically

If you need to add an objective for each Private Note, but you don’t want them to show them on the page itself – you can use the shortcode adder to display only a sub-set of the objectives (called partial objectives).

Show only specific objectives

So in a sense, you’ve got more objectives that are being used in the Events area but they don’t need to be shown on the front end to the students.

Of course, there’s a lot of flexibility built into both Objectives and Events. You decide what you’re trying to accomplish first, and then you can use these tools to make it happen.

Updated on December 12, 2018

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