Give Points on Login

Use AccessAlly Pro to reward your members with points every time they log in to your site! This can be a useful way to reward members for engaging with your site, and can be a part of a Credit System or even a Leaderboard Member Directory.

Step 1: Create a Custom Operation Inside AccessAlly

Go to AccessAlly -> Custom Operations -> Click “Add New Operation”

You will “increase the field value” of the custom field that you’ve created in your CRM system for your points.

The example custom field in the CRM is called AA_Credits_100.

Under Operation Details you’ll increase the field value by the number of points you want to add. In this example, 100 points will be added. Click the Copy button by the wording “Want to trigger this operation from inside your CRM system?

You’ll use the webhook link you just copied in Step 4 of this tutorial.

Click the Save Changes button to save your new custom operation.

Step 2: Create a tag in the CRM for your points.

In the example image below the new tag is called Add Points.

Step 3: Create a ProgressAlly Event

Go to ProgressAlly -> Click Events -> Create a new event

In the example image below the ProgressAlly Event is named Log In With Points Add.

Inside the ProgressAlly Event, you’ll set the Event trigger condition to “when a user logs in” and under How often can this event be triggered? you’ll select “Each time the event happens”.

For the section What action you’d like to take place when the event is triggered? you’ll set this to “Add tag(s)“, then for Add the following tag(s) to the contact you will click the refresh arrow at the right to refresh your tags and then select the new tag you created in your CRM. In the example image below this tag is called Add Points.

Click the Save button at the bottom to save your ProgressAlly Event.

Step 4: Create a CRM Automation

Inside your CRM you’ll create a campaign or automation with the start goal being when a tag is added to a contact. In the example image below the campaign starts with the Add Points tag.

Next, you’ll add the webhook link you copied from your AccessAlly Custom Operation in Step 1 of this tutorial.

At the end of your automation, you’ll remove the tag you used to start this automation.

Save, publish or activate your automation.

Step 5: Test Your Setup

Using a test user email address linked to a contact in your CRM, login to the site and visit the page that displays the number of points a user has.

In the example image below the test user has 500 points.

Next, you’ll log out of the site and then log back in. When you visit the page that displays the number of points a user has this number will be increased by the number of points you created in your setup.

Updated on April 18, 2019

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