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How to Create CRM Activated Coupons

A CRM Activated Coupon is great for times when you’d like to allow someone on your list to receive a unique coupon code during your course or membership launch. This coupon code is will expire and creates a sense of urgency because it’s a limited-time coupon.

This is a kind of promotion code that can replicate a similar “expiring offer” that you might create using a tool like Deadline Funnel, Thrive Ultimatum, or Evergreen countdown timer.

You can also pair the coupon with our built-in countdown timers.

How to Set Up An CRM Activated Coupon With AccessAlly

Step 1: Choose your promotion.

Select Simple Mode for your promotion from the dropdown and select the offer(s) you’d like to have the coupon code applied to.

In the example below this coupon will be applied to a single recurring subscription payment offer for a monthly membership.

Simple Coupon mode and selecting offers image

Step 2: Customize your coupon

  1. Select the discount amount for your coupon
  2. Choose CRM Activated coupon
  3. Choose how long the coupon will be valid for

Additional Coupon Code Settings

Step 3: Important – Create a Unique Custom Field in Your CRM

This part is very important you will need a unique custom field in your CRM to store the CRM coupon code. This custom field will only be used for this one coupon! It will be overwritten when the code expires so it is not recommended to reuse this custom field for any other coupon codes.

  1. Create a unique custom field in your CRM to store the coupon code.
  2. Copy and paste the link to use in the email that you would like to trigger this coupon code.
  3. Customize the text in the box that your users will see when their coupon has been applied.

Coupon code link image

Bonus! You can use this with the Generate Coupon Custom Operation to trigger the coupon from inside your site.



Updated on October 20, 2020

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