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How to Create CRM Activated Coupons in AccessAlly

A CRM Activated Coupon is great for times when you’d like to allow someone on your list to receive a unique coupon code during your course or membership launch. This coupon code is will expire and creates a sense of urgency because it’s a limited-time coupon.

This is a kind of promotion code that can replicate a similar “expiring offer” that you might create using a tool like Deadline Funnel, Thrive Ultimatum, or Evergreen countdown timer.

You can also pair the coupon with our built-in countdown timers.

How to Set Up An CRM Activated Coupon With AccessAlly

This type of coupon is called a CRM activated coupon, but it can be activated within AccessAlly or through a webhook in your CRM.

The concept is simple: it’s a coupon code that gets automatically generated and stored in a Custom Field that can only be used once, and that will expire after a given timeframe.

This is an advanced set up, but if you follow this tutorial you will be able to set this up.

Step 1: Choose your promotion.

Go to Sales -> Promo Setup, or after creating your Coupon inside your Offering and clicking the Edit button.

Decide on the basics for your coupon: what offers it applies to, and the percentage or amount of your discount.

Step 2: Select the CRM Activated Option

Now select the CRM Activated coupon option.

Then choose for how long this coupon will be valid for. For example, you might make the discount available for just 3 days, or a week to give people time to take action on it.

This also gives you time to send multiple email reminders that include the coupon in it. You can even use a coupon magic link to automatically apply the discount when someone clicks an email.

Screenshot of CRM activated timeframe

Step 3: Important – Create a Unique Custom Field in Your CRM

Create a Custom Field in your CRM to “hold” the coupon.

You will need a unique custom field in your CRM to store the CRM coupon code. This custom field will only be used for this one coupon! It will be overwritten when the code expires so it is not recommended to reuse this custom field for any other coupon codes.

Screenshot of custom field for coupon

  1. Create a unique custom field in your CRM to store the coupon code.
  2. Customize the text in the box that your users will see when their coupon has been applied.

Step 4: Trigger the creation of the coupon for each member

There are two ways to trigger the generation of the coupon code.

CRM Webhook Trigger

One is to add a Webhook into a CRM automation campaign. You can copy and paste the Webhook link from the Coupon settings.

Screenshot of CRM webhook for coupon

Once you run the webhook, the countdown starts and you should send an email that contains the coupon code in it, and let the person know that the code expires in the timeframe you chose.

Merge the Custom Field into an email, or use the magic link option to automatically apply the coupon to an order form.

This is great for abandoned cart follow-up sequences to give someone an extra incentive to come back and complete their purchase.

AccessAlly Custom Operation Trigger

The Generate Coupon custom operation allows you to trigger a CRM activated coupon code to be applied to a user from inside your site.

A great use case for this operation is to trigger a coupon when someone first joins your membership as a free member, and you want to reward them for taking that first step and give them an incentive to join your paid program.

In AccessAlly, navigate to Settings -> Custom Operations. Create a new Custom Operation for the CRM Activated Coupon.

This custom operation is broken up into three parts as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of generating coupon custom operation

Step 1: Choose the Generate CRM Activate coupon type from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Choose the CRM Activated Coupon for this offer that you created above.

Step 3: Choose what you’d like to do if there is an existing coupon. For example, you may want to always generate a new coupon so that the countdown timer starts over as of right now.

Now to trigger this operation within AccessAlly, you can:

  • Add it to a “series of custom operations” that runs after a purchase or other trigger.
  • Use ProgressAlly Events to trigger the custom operation when someone completes a lesson, module, course, logs in or visits a page.
Updated on November 16, 2023

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