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AccessAlly isn’t just a membership site plugin, it also includes a built-in Course Creation Wizard that makes setting up your online courses easy, organized, and even a little fun.

From automatically creating the access and revoke tags you need for each online course to offering you a dynamic guide that helps you set up your CRM automations in no time. Creating courses with AccessAlly is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

This Guide will walk you through the basics of building out your course repertoire – and links you to the appropriate tutorials.

Step 1: Create a Course Mockup

Before creating your courses with AccessAlly, draw out a mockup so that you have an idea how you want your course to look and feel.

See this tutorial: How to Create a Mockup For Your Course Pages

Step 2: Use The Course Creation Wizard

Inside your WordPress website, you can find AccessAlly’s Course Creation Wizard. You can use it to structure any type of content, not just courses – it could be used to lay out 12 months worth of monthly membership pieces, for example.

The Course Wizard is separated into four areas:

  • Create Standalone Course
  • Create Stage-Release Course
  • View and Modify Existing Courses
  • Clone Existing Course

From these areas, you can build and manage the entire structure and permission tags for each one of your online courses. Please note that, although AccessAlly will set up your courses and permission tags, you must also set up the automations inside your CRM to connect the dots and ensure that the entire process is automated for your subscribers and students.

The first thing to notice in the Course Creation Wizard is that there are two types of courses:

While each type of course can include unlimited pages, lessons, and content, they differ in how the permission tags are applied:

Standalone Course Model

With a Standalone Course, there is only ONE access tag. So when someone purchases an online course that’s been built with the Standalone model, they receive access to all the course content at one time.

Stage-Release Course Model

With a Stage-Release Course, on the other hand, you can separate your course content into different sections (called “Modules”). Each module can have it’s own unique permission tag. This allows you to release the course content sequentially. This is the setup we’ve chosen for our free 30 Day List Building Challenge.

The Stage-Release setup also gives you the ability to do some really cool things – like only allow your students to access Lesson 2 of your course after they’ve received a passing grade on Lesson 1 (learn how to do that here).

Clone Existing Course

If you want to clone your existing courses (so you don’t have to start from scratch each time!) AccessAlly’s Clone option will clone permission tags, modules, and pages.

Learn how here: Clone An Existing Course With AccessAlly

Step 3: Create Corresponding Automations

AccessAlly is a powerful tool… but it won’t work if you’re not creating the automations from inside your integrated CRM.

For one thing, AccessAlly uses your CRM’s permission tags to control access to your membership site or online course content. (Confused about how this works? Learn more about the amazing things you can do with tags here: Permission Management & Tagging in AccessAlly)

Release Automations

AccessAlly obeys the automations you’ve created inside your CRM… so every time you want something to “happen” in your membership site, you must make a corresponding automation in your CRM.

That’s why, after creating your courses inside AccessAlly’s Course Creation Wizard, the very next step is to set up their automations in your CRM:

Revoke Automations

In addition to course release automations listed above, you may also choose to create a refund (or “revoke access”) automation.

This is a helpful CRM automation if you’re selling access to your courses or membership site as a subscription and want to automatically rescind this access if one of your clients cancels.

This tutorial will show you how: How To Set Up a Refund / Revoke Access Automation In Your CRM.

Part 4: What to Do Next…

After you’ve set up your online course and automation, you can create a custom, interactive dashboard for your membership site. Learn how to set it up with this tutorial:
How to Create An Interactive Dashboard For Your Membership Site Using Course Icons.

You’re done with basic online course setup! Head back to the main categories to discover new ways to increase the impact of your membership site with quizzes, progress tracking, and more.

Updated on February 12, 2020

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