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How to Create a 5 Day Challenge

Learn how to create a 5 day challenge in AccessAlly. This is a great way to let potential clients get to know you and your content.

Step 1: Pre-Challenge tips.

Here are a few questions to explore before creating your challenge. We also have an article on Creating Online Courses with AccessAlly that can help you structure your challenge content!

  1. Are you running a free or paid challenge?
  2. Does your challenge have live rounds (everyone goes through the challenge together starting on the same date) or is it evergreen (challenge participants can start and join anytime?)
  3. What do your challenge participants need to know or do before they start the challenge to get the best results during the challenge?

Step 2: What you’ll need to create your challenge.

You’ll get the best results when creating your challenge if you have the items below ready to go!

  • Opt-in form or landing page (for a free challenge): If you’re creating a free challenge you’ll need an opt-in form in your CRM for people so people can sign up for your free challenge. You can use a self-hosted form inside your CRM or add a landing page to your website to display your form. Copy the link to your hosted opt-in form or landing page link for use later in this walkthrough.
  • Order form page (for a paid challenge): If you’re creating a paid challenge you’ll create a page on your AccessAlly site to hold your order form. Example: Order Fabulous Challenge https://yourdomain.com/order-fabulous-challenge
  • Challenge Icons: Create an enabled icon image (in color) and disabled icon image (greyed out) using your favorite graphics program for your challenge.
  • Hosting for videos (optional): If you’re creating a video-based challenge you’ll need to host your videos (using YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Amazon S3) so you can embed them into the challenge pages on your site.
  • PDF Workbooks or Action Sheets (optional): If your challenge has PDFs, workbooks, or action sheets you can use AccessAlly’s Protected Content feature to add these to your challenge pages.

Step 3: Creating your challenge in the Course Wizard.

This is where you’ll create the delivery tags and pages for your challenge.

Part 1: Go to AccessAlly > Course Wizard and create a new Stage Released Course

AccessAlly Course Wizard create a stage released course

Creating Your Course Identity

Add your challenge name (TIP – if your challenge has a really long name use initials). The challenge name is used to form the page tags and page names used for your challenge.

Name your challenge in the Course Wizard

Add your enabled and disabled challenge icons.

Participants that have access to your challenge click the enabled icon to get started. People that do not have access to your challenge can click on the disabled icon to sign up for your challenge or hop on the waitlist.

Links to icons after adding in the course wizard

Adding icons to the course wizard

The Sales Page Redirect

This link is where users get redirected to if they do not have access to your challenge. You’ll add a link to your landing page or opt-in form (for a free challenge) or a sales page or order form (for a paid challenge.)

Sales page redirect

Part 2: Automation Tags

In the automation tags section, the tags you need for your challenge will be automatically created and placed inside your CRM system.

You’ll be creating a CRM delivery sequence to drip out your challenge content in another step later on in this walkthrough.

Part 3: Creating Module Tags

In the Modules section, you’ll be creating a unique tag for each day of your challenge. By creating a tag for each day of your challenge you’ll be able to drip out challenge content.

Tip! You can change the wording used from “Module” to “Day.”

Module Tags inside the Course Wizard

Part 4: Offer

If you’re creating a paid challenge you’ll checkmark the box to create a product and offer for your challenge.

Here’s more information on using AccessAlly’s E-Commerce system.

Part 5: Content

In this step of the Course Wizard, you’ll create the WordPress pages that hold your challenge content. The first page is called the Base Page of your course and it’s important that you use this page as it is the first page your challenge participants see when they join!

This page serves as a welcome page!

You can give access to this page before a live challenge round starts and use it to share important pre-challenge steps like the link to join your challenge Facebook Group, workbooks or action sheets, and a welcome video.

Content Section of the AccessAlly Course Wizard

You’ll create one additional page for each day of your challenge. If your challenge has 5 days this will give you a total of 6 pages -> one Base (Welcome Page) and a page for each day of your challenge.

If you have your challenge content ready you can click the blue edit page link by each new page that you’ve created in the Course Wizard and use your theme and page builder to add your challenge content to the pages.

If your content is not ready yet you can always come back to the Course Wizard at any time to add in the content!

Visit AccessAlly > Course Wizard and click on View And Modify Existing Courses to get back to the content section of your challenge at any time!

View Modify Existing Courses

Part 6: Integration

Now it’s time to create a CRM delivery campaign for your challenge! The integration step will walk you through how to do this based on your CRM system.

A couple of things to keep in mind when creating your Challenge Delivery campaign:

  1. Give people access to the Welcome page (Base page) when they join and use this page to get people excited about and ready for your challenge!
  2. Use caution with date timers! Date timers release content on a specific set date (example: February 1). If a challenge participant joins after a specific date has passed they will skip over those parts in your CRM challenge delivery campaign and will not get tags or content for those days! It’s best to use wait timers (example: waits 24 hours) inside your CRM challenge delivery campaigns.

For the CRMs below we have pre-made 5-Day Challenge campaigns that you can add to your CRM and customize the tags and emails so you do not have to build the delivery campaigns from scratch.

Step 7: Testing

Testing is a very important part of the challenge process! You can use the testing section inside the AccessAlly Course Wizard to make sure that participants signing up for your challenge get the content dripped out correctly before everyone starts signing up!

Testing inside the Course Wizard

Updated on October 20, 2020

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