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How to Set Up a Free Course Opt-In

There may be an instance where you want to offer no-cost courses to your clients. These free courses can be a great tool to get users into your membership area and on your list, and at that point, you can upsell them into your paid programs.

For most free courses, you’ll collect signups (and trigger the release automations) via an opt-in form in your CRM system.

What happens when you set up a free course

When you use AccessAlly’s free course template (or create a free course from scratch in the Offerings area), several things happen:

  • An opt-in form is created that gives people access after opting in
  • When people sign up through this form they will be added to your CRM as a new contact
  • Emails can be sent directly through AccessAlly’s email section with links back to the content
  • Content can be unlocked on a dripped schedule (or instantly available)

You can embed the opt-in form on any page on your AccessAlly site, or use the page that’s automatically created for you. You can also grab the export code and use that in PopupAlly Pro to style the opt-in further or make it a popup.

Adding a Google Captcha to your Opt-in Forms

If you’re experiencing spam sign-ups through your AccessAlly opt-in forms, then you’ll appreciate being able to turn on this captcha functionality.

First, go to this page on Google to create your captcha system for your domain (or subdomain as the case may be):

Screenshot of Google Recaptcha settings

Fill in the details as follows:

  1. Name the reCaptcha for your membership site
  2. Select “Version 2” and “Invisible” reCaptcha badge
  3. Your domains: do NOT include the “https://” just the domain itself or subdomain

Screenshot of recaptcha terms and submit button

Then agree to the Google terms of service and decide if you’d like to be notified of suspicious activities.

Hit the submit button.

Now you’ll have your ReCaptcha keys, and you can insert them into the AccessAlly settings.

Screenshot of recaptcha keys

In your WordPress site, navigate to Settings -> General Settings -> Opt-in Captcha:

Screenshot of settings area for captcha

Once you’ve added them in, hit save and your captcha will be enabled on all of your AccessAlly opt-in forms!

Updated on July 9, 2021

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