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How to Set Up a Free Course Opt-In

There may be an instance where you want to offer no-cost courses to your clients. These free courses can be a great tool to get users into your membership area and on your list, and at that point, you can upsell them into your paid programs.

For most free courses, you’ll collect signups (and trigger the release automations) via an opt-in form in your CRM system.

Set Up an Opt In Form in Your CRM System

Each CRM system should provide you with the ability to create opt-ins. This will allow you to add users to a list as well as trigger an automation to give your users access to your free course content.

*If you do not like the look of your forms provided by your CRM system, check out PopupAlly Pro which will allow you to create customized forms to apply to your site as a embedded form or popup.

Tutorials for creating opt ins:

Next: Create an Automation

With your opt in form ready, it’s time to create an automation for your free course:






Updated on March 23, 2021

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