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How to do a Product Launch Formula (PLF) Style Launch with AccessAlly

How to do a Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula style launch using AccessAlly’s dripped content functionality.

What Is The Product Launch Formula (PLF)

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is a system for launching a product that drips 3-4 videos over a course of a few days, then leads to a sales offer.

How AccessAlly can help you run a PLF launch (Video series)

With AccessAlly, you can create and automate a PLF-style launch.

Step 1: Use the Course Wizard to create the video pages and tags

Use AccessAlly’s built-in Offering Wizard to create a dripped release.

The Course Wizard will automatically create and apply the permission tags you’ll need for each page.

Since each module can be released separately, you’ll want to create a new module for each video that you want released. (4 videos = 4 separate modules).

Step 2: Set up Your Release Automation

Next, you’ll follow this tutorial to set up the release automation.

Finally, make sure to link to your sales page where appropriate in your PLF style launch.

Updated on April 29, 2021

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