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How to Add a “Resume Where You Left Off” Option To Your Membership Site

If your site houses a lot of content, you can reduce overwhelm (and encourage course completion) for membership subscribers and course students by adding a “Resume where you left off” option.

With this, the user can log in and quickly access the last course(s) they participated in, without having to take time remembering and re-navigating through the site.

Why Use a “Resume Where You Left Off” Option

In many cases, membership sites house multiple courses, each with a rich array of content. While this can be a selling point for your subscribers and students, it can also be overwhelming.

By adding a “resume where you left off” option, the students no longer have to spend time remembering exactly what lesson (and which course) they were in the middle of. (This is also helpful when it’s been a while since they last logged in, since they may not be able to remember what they were working on.)

How to Add A Resume Option

Step 1. Decide Where To Put The Option

First, find a good location for this option. We recommend placing it prominently on your course dashboard page (or whatever page the users are redirected to, once they log into your site).

Step 2. Add the Shortcode

Next, use the shortcode adder to insert the Resume course button shortcode.

You can decide what types of content will be displayed with this option (all courses created with the Wizard, a selected number of courses, or every post/page on the site).

How To Change the Appearance Of Your Resume Course Button

To change the color and appearance of your resume course button, go to: AccessAlly > General Settings > Styling.

Here, you can change the button color, hover color, and font size.

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Updated on March 19, 2019

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