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How To Add Navigation Buttons To Your Course Pages in AccessAlly

When you build out your course (or other membership) content inside AccessAlly’s Offering Wizard, AccessAlly notices the chronological order of your modules and pages, as they exist in the Offering. If you wish, you can add a shortcode to any of these course pages that will automatically detect the order in which the student should progress through the course.

When the shortcode is added to the page, the student can then click on the buttons to be taken to the “previous” and “next” pages, respectively.

Why Use Navigation Buttons On Your Course Pages

It is certainly not necessary to add course navigation buttons to your pages, and in some cases you may simply choose to display a sidebar navigation menu that allows users to access each page in your course.

However, the navigation buttons are extremely convenient, can help reduce overwhelm, and may encourage users to continue clicking deeper into the course.

How To Add The Buttons To Your Pages

Step 1: Review Course Format for the Offering

Before adding buttons to your pages, please make sure that the course order is correct by going to: AccessAlly > Offerings. Click on the course you’ll be adding the buttons to, and review both the modules (if a stage-released course) and the content (pages/posts).

The order the modules & pages appear in the offering is the same that will be reflected in the navigation buttons.

(To reorder, drag-and-drop the pages or modules to their proper locations.)

Step 2: Insert Shortcode

Next, go into your course pages and use the AccessAlly shortcode adder to insert the Offering navigation shortcode. You can change the text on the buttons if you wish, before clicking on the Generate Shortcode button.

Offering Navigation shortcode

Step 3: Test / Review Buttons

Once the buttons have been added to the course pages, please test each of the buttons to make sure they are working properly.

How To Change the Appearance Of Your Course Navigation Buttons

To change the color and appearance of your course navigation buttons, go to: AccessAlly > General Settings > Styling.

Here, you can change the button color, hover color, and font size.

Course Navigation Styling

Styling Preview

Updated on November 15, 2023
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