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How to Create a Mockup For Your Course Pages in AccessAlly

When building out your courses with AccessAlly, there are two sides: the access/page protection side (handled by AccessAlly), and the visual/design side (handled by your Theme).

This tutorial will show you how to create a mockup for your course pages so that you can easily build it between AccessAlly and your theme.

Step 1: Create a list of all course content

Create a bullet list or checklist of all the material you have prepared for your course.

  • YouTube Video – Lesson 1
  • YouTube Video – Lesson 2
  • YouTube Video – Lesson 3
  • YouTube Video – Lesson 4
  • PDF Worksheet – Lesson 1
  • PDF Worksheet – Lesson 2
  • PDF Worksheet – Lesson 3
  • PDF Worksheet – Lesson 4
  • Quiz – Lesson 1
  • Quiz – Lesson 2
  • Quiz – Lesson 3
  • Quiz – Lesson 4

Step 2: Decide How You Want To Control Access To Your Courses

Next, decide how you want to control permission to your course content when it’s inside your membership site.

OPTION 1: The Stage-Release Model

Is it important that you control the access for individual lessons (or “modules”) inside the course? If so, this is known as a Stage-Release Course Model. If going this route, you’ll want to decide what content should be grouped together for release, with a quick mockup:


OPTION 2: The Standalone Model

Would you prefer to give access to all course content at once, with no restrictions? If so, this is known as a Standalone Course Model. If going this route, you’ll have a single permission tag to work with when building the course structure with AccessAlly.


Step 3: Create a page mockup

Finally, create a rough page mockup for each page in your course so that you know exactly how many pages need to exist.

In the example above, each lesson has three main elements:

  • A YouTube Video
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Quiz

Depending on how you want your course to appear, you may wish to house all three elements on a single page. Or, you might decide to put the video and PDF together and create the quiz on a separate page.

Draw it out with enough detail so you can bring this to your web designer – or create the design yourself.

At this point, you should have an idea on the general design and layout of your course pages. You should also have the content separated into sections so that you know what type of course you are going to create with AccessAlly’s Course Wizard.

Next Step:

Two things need to happen now:

  1. The Course and content must be created with AccessAlly’s Offering Wizard.
  2. The page design must be implemented and applied to each of the course pages that were created with the Offering Wizard.

To find the corresponding tutorials, please return to: AccessAlly Offerings Guide

Updated on November 16, 2023
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