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[Guide] Bulk Course Enrollment with Teams

Teams can help you sell your courses to groups of people, where they can manage their own enrollment and see the progress of their students or peers.

How the Teams Feature Works

The AccessAlly Teams feature enables bulk course enrollment, where one purchase includes multiple "seats" inside your membership site.

Each Team has a single leader (the person who purchased the license) and a designated number of team member slots.

Team Leaders Can...

  • Add or remove users on their team
  • Purchase, upgrade, and cancel the Team account

Note that team leaders are not admins, and have no ability to add content to the site. The team leader role does not have access to the backend of WordPress or any admin functions inside the site.

The teams feature is a great option when you want to market and sell your content to corporations or businesses. Here are two examples of when you might want to use this feature:

  • Corporate training, a single representative from a company purchases access to a program, then creates unique logins for "X" numbers of their team members/employees.
  • Classroom education resources, a single representative from a school or organization purchases access to a program or course, then adds each student to give them access.

Every team is set up by you, as the site admin, with a specified number of spots (you can always change this number at any time). When a team license is purchased, there is a designated leader. This leader has the ability to decide who is added to their team.

For more resources on how this feature can improve your membership site, feel free to review these two articles:

What a Team setup looks like on your site:

A typical selling and onboarding sequence for bulk course enrollment looks like this:

  1. The team leader selects a course to buy in bulk from your website.
  2. When the payment is processed, AccessAlly creates a unique team for the purchaser and applies tags that designate them as the team's leader.
  3. Triggered by the tags AccessAlly just added, your CRM sends the Leader a welcome email that includes: Team Management Page, login, and instructions on signing up their Members.
  4. The Leader can now share a unique registration link with their company/family/class so each member can sign up.
  5. When someone uses the registration link, they can fill out a form and sign up to become a member of the Leader's team.
  6. Each new signup receives a welcome email with their username and password.
  7. Team Leader now can interact and monitor Member from the Team Management Page.

Here's What You'll Need to Set Up Bulk Course Enrollment in AccessAlly:


Team Setup

First, you'll want to pre-create bulk licenses for your site. With this setup, you'll decide what tags will be used to designate team leader/team member users, which content in your site a team can access, as well as how many licenses are included in each team.


User Management Page

Create a new page in WordPress, where team leaders can add and remove team members (this page will double as a self-registration page for team members).


Initiate Team Custom Operation

Next, head over to create a Custom Operation. When this operation is triggered, it will create a new, unique team for whomever purchases a bulk license. (We'll use it in the Order Form setup.)


Set Up Your Order Form

Let's get that order form ready, so that when someone purchases a team license, they'll automatically be designated as the team leader. The purchase also gives the leader access to the management page, where they can add and remove team members, view progress, and even communicate directly with each team member.

Automated Emails for Your Team

At this point, your bulk licenses are ready to go. However, if you want to send out welcome emails when someone is added to a team, you'll want to head into your CRM to set that part up.

Team Leader Automation

Send a welcome or orientation email to a team leader to get them started building their team.

Team Member Automation

When a team leader adds a member to their team, you can automate a welcome email that tells the child user how to log in.

Advanced: Team Communication

With a little extra elbow grease and setup time, you can create automated interactions for teams to take advantage of, so that leaders can chat 1-1 with team members, team members can ask leaders for help, and more.

Team Interactions

Create buttons that trigger a wide variety of automations that help team leaders and team members connect more easily.

Communicate Through Notes

Leaders can respond to notes and homework submitted by their team members.

Upgrade or Downgrade Whole Teams

Offer the ability to switch a whole team from one program to another, from team leader to team members.

IMPORTANT: Test Your Setup

Test Your Setup

Before giving your new bulk course enrollment the green light, let's take time to send a test user from start to finish. 

Updated on March 23, 2021

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