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Bulk Course Enrollment with AccessAlly Teams

The AccessAlly Teams feature can help you sell your courses to groups of people. Teams are made up of Team Leaders and Team Members.

This feature is great for selling your programs to:

  • Instructor Coaches (Leaders) and their Coaching Clients (Members)
  • Corporations (Leaders) and their Employees (Members)
  • Parents (Leaders) with their Children (Members)

Create Your First Team in AccessAlly


Create a Team Center Offering

Use the Team Center Offering in AccessAlly to create a place for Team Leader and Team Member content, order forms to purchase Team Member seats, and more!


Add Leader Content

In this article you'll add content pages for your Team Leaders. You can add drip release modules, progress tracking, and more.


Add Member Content

In this article you'll add content pages for your Team Members. You can add drip release modules, progress tracking, and more.


Customize Your Team

Now it's time to customize the options your Team Leader sees on their administration page. This allows the Leader to add, remove, or promote Members - track progress and more!


Adding Leaders & Members to Your Team

Now that you've created a Team Center Offering, and you've customized the Team Program. It's time to see how Team Members are added to the Team.

Automated Emails for Your Team

At this point, your bulk licenses are ready to go. Now it's time to set up the emails your Leaders and Members will receive. Select CRM automations or AccessAlly Emails below to get started.

Leader & Member CRM Automations

Add welcome automations from your CRM and more.

Leader & Member AccessAlly Emails

Send welcome and module release emails to Leaders and Members with AccessAlly.

Advanced: Team Communication

You can create automated interactions for teams to take advantage of so that leaders can chat 1-1 with team members, team members can ask leaders for help, and more.

Team Interactions

Create buttons that trigger a wide variety of automations that help team leaders and team members connect more easily.

Communicate Through Notes

Leaders can respond to notes and homework submitted by their team members.

Upgrade or Downgrade Whole Teams

Offer the ability to switch a whole team from one program to another, from team leader to team members.

IMPORTANT: Test Your Setup

Test Your Setup

Before giving your new bulk course enrollment the green light, let's take time to send a test user from start to finish. 

Updated on February 15, 2024
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