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Create An Icon Dashboard For Courses and Memberships

With AccessAlly, you can create an icon dashboard for courses and memberships that creates organic cross-selling opportunities for your free and paying members.

All about how dashboards work

Why Use Dynamic Dashboard Shortcodes (instead of simply adding linked images)

It’s certainly possible to manually create a dashboard by adding images that link directly to your offerings.

However, if you use the recommended methods on this page, your offering icons become dynamic, which means:

  • Program icons display the “enabled”, “disabled”, or “completed” versions based on whether or not the client has permission to the course or completed it.Screenshot of 3 dashboard icons
  • Clients without the proper permissions are redirected to a sales page, or other page of your choosing.

Not sure where your disabled icon is redirecting to? Please check your settings inside the Offering Wizard.

Screenshot of redirect location

Locate Your Main Course Dashboard Page

If you used the Onboarding Wizard to configure your key pages, you can easily locate your main dashboard page by going to: AccessAlly > General Settings > Initial Setup > Key Pages

Screenshot of settings area for key pages

Screenshot of Key pages

Note: You can create multiple icon dashboards for your site. For example, you could create a new dashboard per course if you wanted to link to modules using icons that change based on the access.

The easiest way to add a cross-selling dashboard to your members’ area is to use the built-in dashboard created by AccessAlly in the Offerings wizard.

You can edit which icons are shown on your main dashboard, whether clicking on an icon opens the page in the same tab or a new one, and edit the size of your icons.

By default your automatically generated Dashboard page will have this shortcode added to it, but if you need to insert it somewhere else, here it is: [accessally_course_dashboard]

Important note on Progress Overlay settings in the video above. The Progress Pie Chart or Progress Bar percentage of completion are attached to the objectives on the Parent Page for that particular offering.

Find more information on how to show course progress using the progress pie chart or progress bar.

This method allows you to create one dashboard, but if you need to create more than one you can do so by following method number 2 below.

Method 2: Add Icons Individually (Advanced)

This method gives you the most flexibility because you can dynamically link to pages within an offering instead of only linking to offerings themselves. You can also create multiple dashboards with these individual icon shortcodes.

Written Tutorial

On any WordPress post or page, you can use the AccessAlly shortcode adder located in the toolbar to easily add any course icon to your page.

Dashboard Shortcode Adder

The process is simple:

Step 1: Click on the Accessally -> Shortcode Generator option in the WordPress admin top bar

Step 2: Select the appropriate offering icon

Clicking on the dropdown will reveal your website’s pages. Select the main page for the offering you’ve created.

Step 3: Add Icon to Page

Click on the yellow INSERT SHORTCODE button to add the icon to the page.

Step 4: Add Styling, Etc.

By default, the shortcode only shows the course icon as you’ve configured it in the AccessAlly Offerings Wizard settings for your course.

If you’d like it to appear in a different size, or create several columns of icons, you must use CSS styling or use your theme’s design tools (if applicable).

This first method uses the AccessAlly shortcode adder to individually add each icon to the page. With this method, you’ll need to have additional styling resources available to improve the look/layout of the icons (styling resources might include your theme settings, CSS, or a page builder plugin like Beaver Builder).

NOTE: to simply select the icon that represents that course as a whole, look for the word (Course) in the shortcode selector, followed by the course name.

1 Click Upsell Dashboard

With the 1-click upsell dashboard on AccessAlly, you can create a selling dashboard from right inside your AccessAlly site!

Heads Up for PayPal Users!

If using PayPal to process payments the 1-click upsell feature always redirects your customers to PayPal to complete their transaction.

What your user “sees” on the dashboard.

On the Dashboard page, existing members will see the courses/memberships they own in color. If they do not own something you can display a “buy now” button with pricing for the member to click and purchase without filling out a new AccessAlly order form.

Dashboard with 1-Click Upsell Button

Why you might like to try this!

You may have lots of courses and programs inside your AccessAlly site and you’d like members to have the option to pick and choose which ones they’d like to purchase with a single click versus filling out a new AccessAlly order form for each purchase.

When this is not the right option!

The 1-Click upsell feature can only be shown to members that have made a previous purchase using an AccessAlly order form tied to real money (not a $0.00 free checkout.)

Important! If you’re not using AccessAlly order forms this option will not work for you.

Adding 1-click order buttons below icons

STEP 1: Review your order form settings.

Screenshot of edit order form button

  • Go to your Offering and “edit” the order form that you’d like the 1-click upsell button to use.
  • In the Automation tab note your page access tag, it should look like “Offering Purchase Success” but could be different if you changed it. Write it down we’ll use it in Step 2 below.
    Screenshot of success tag
  • Under the Payment Success tab it’s recommended that you take people to a thank you page after purchasing this offering.
  • Screenshot of order form 1-click settingOrder Form tab should have a checkmark by Enable 1-click order form, the option for what members see before they purchase will be set to “Only show order button”, add details about how much they’ll be charged under the Payment confirmation prompt, and type your 1-Click button text with something like… JOIN NOW $297
  • Important! You need to let your users know how much they’ll be charged on the 1-click order form button as this is their only way of knowing what amount this offer costs!
    Screenshot of order form text with cost
  • Save your changes

STEP 2: Add the 1-click upsell button to your dashboard.

  • Visit your site dashboard page and find the course or item you’d like to show the 1-click button.
  • Using the AccessAlly shortcode adder (or widget) you’ll add your course icon and the AccessAlly missing tag(s) shortcode to the page. Inside the AccessAlly missing tag(s) shortcode you’ll nest the order form shortcode for your 1-click upsell.
  • Here’s the example code used in the video walkthrough – [accessally_icon post_id=’14684′ target=’same’ hide_disable=’false’ width=”200px” height=”200px”][accessally_missing_any_tag tag_id=’4619′ comment=’Course_Base_Access’][accessally_order_form offer_id=’2′ allow_coupon=’yes’][/accessally_missing_any_tag]

STEP 3: Make a test purchase.

  • Make a test purchase of your new 1-click upsell button (make sure the existing user you’re testing with has made at least one purchase on an AccessAlly order form with real money (not a $0.00 checkout.)

Customize Icon Text for All Pages

You can also customize icon text for all pages or posts! This means you can have different autogenerated icons for modules or lessons.

Updated on November 24, 2021

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