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How to Create a Drip Release Course

Use the AccessAlly Drip Course template in the Offerings wizard to set up a drip-fed course easily. Here's how:

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More advanced drip scenarios

Sometimes the built-in flow for setting up a drip based course won't work for your situation. For example, if you want everyone to start the course on a specific date instead of based on when they purchase.

In this case, you will want to turn off the "drip release" inside AccessAlly and use your CRM's automation functionality to release each module.

Screenshot of the release options

So your modules may look like this:

Screenshot of module example without a schedule

Drip Automation Setup Inside Your CRM

After you've created your Offering, it's time to build out the automation inside your CRM.

Please see this tutorial: How to Set Up the CRM Automation for your offering.

Use this scenario for special cases where you want more automation options like starting a cohort on a specific date.

Giving Instant Access to Unlock Everything

However, in some cases, you might wish to give access to all modules of a dripped course at one time.

One of the most common scenarios for this setup is: an instant access upgrade, where a customer pays additional money to unlock all course modules instantly. (Often paired with a timed-release drip setup.)

This can be done inside your CRM automation. Instead of applying each module tag after a delay, simply apply the Instant Release tag to the user, which can be found in the Permissions tab of your Offering.

Screenshot of instant access tag

Releasing based on progress

Screenshot of progress based unlocking options

Release a module after a user completes a quiz from the previous lesson - this is a helpful feature if you want to require your students to receive a passing grade on a lesson or module before allowing them to continue on through the course.

Learn how in this tutorial: How to Release A Course Module When A User Submits a Quiz

Updated on April 25, 2023

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