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Offerings Guide in AccessAlly

Offerings can be anything from free opt-in lead magnets, courses, memberships, teams, affiliate centers, and anything that needs to be protected behind your login area.

Here you'll learn how to create your offerings and pull everything into a cohesive client experience.

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Create Your Mockup

Before creating your courses or memberships with AccessAlly, draw out a mockup so that you have an idea how you want your content to look and feel.


Use the Offering Wizard Templates

The Offering wizard templates can help you set up the most common types of courses, memberships, and more. Or start from scratch to design things the way you want.

Free Course or Challenge

Use the Login Optin™ strategy by offering free courses on opt-in.

Dripped Course Template

Drip content over time using the dripped course template.

Membership Program

Create a recurring membership program and customize the settings.

Team Center

Create a team or umbrella account that lets an admin invite team members.


Add Additional Registration Forms

Create additional opt-in forms or paid order forms for your offering.


At this point, you have all the pieces set up. All that's left is linking them up so that everything happens automatically, from collecting payments to creating unique logins for each user. You'll make this happen with an automation inside your CRM system or via AccessAlly Emails.


View Your Dashboard

Once you've created your latest offering, visit the dashboard page of your site to ensure the offering icon is displayed.

Test Your Setup

Before giving your new course enrollment the green light, let's take time to send a test user from start to finish. 

How Content Works in Offerings

Base Module: Pages added to the base module are available immediately after purchase. When a new offering is created a single base page will be added to the module. It is important that this page be published and used as it controls the offering icon and sales page redirect for the offering.

Base Module

Additional Modules can be added to an offering to created dripped content.

Additional Modules

The Different Ways to Sell an Offering

Take your offering and sell it multiple different ways. You can diversify and customize how you sell your content with Toggles, Order Bumps, 1-Click Upsells, Bundles & Promos.

See it in large, here.

Updated on November 15, 2023
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