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[Guide] The AccessAlly Teams Feature

The AccessAlly Teams feature allows you to sell multiple access licenses at once in a single purchase.

Each Team has a single “Parent” user and a designated number of “Child” users.

Parent users have admin control, so they can add or remove additional Child users on their team. Parent users are also responsible for purchasing and cancelling the Team account.

The list of tutorials on this page show you how to set up and manage the Teams Feature on your AccessAlly membership site.

How The Teams Feature Works

The teams feature is a great option when you want to market and sell your content to multi-member groups. For example:

  • Corporate training, where a single representative from a company purchases access to a program, then creates unique logins for X number of their team members/employees.
  • Classroom education resources, where the teacher purchases access to a program or course, then adds each student to give them access.
  • Etc.

Every team is set up by you, as the site admin, with a specified number of spots (you can always change this number at any time). When a team license is purchased, there is a designated leader (also called a “parent user” or “team admin”). This leader has the ability to decide who is added to their team.

For more resources on how this feature can improve your membership site, feel free to review these two articles:

How To Set Up Teams Inside AccessAlly

There are three distinct steps you must take to set up your Teams inside AccessAlly:

STEP 1: Configure The Team

First, you must configure the type of teams you wish to sell licenses for. In this step, you’ll configure the team permission tags and decide how many users each team will start out with (you can always add more at a later date, even after the team is in use).

Tutorial:How To Set Up Teams Inside AccessAlly

STEP 2: Create a Management Page For the Team Parent
Next, you’ll want to create a new page inside your membership site. This page will include all of the “management” elements for the team parent users, allowing them to perform actions like adding or removing child user accounts.

Tutorial: How to Create your Teams Manager Page

STEP 3: Create An Order Form To Sell Team Licenses

Now, you’re ready to set up the order form that creates the team and designated the purchaser as the Team Parent user. Learn how in this tutorial: How to Set up the Order Form and Automation for the Teams Feature

If you’re using a different shopping cart or order form system, you can still initialize a team through your CRM’s automation, follow this guide: Creating a Team through your CRM Automation

NOTE: Pay special attention to the “advanced” team replacement option in this tutorial, for situations where you wish to upgrade (or downgrade) team permissions.

(Advanced) STEP 4: Customize Team Dashboard Page

If you’d like, you can customize the look and feel of the Team Dashboard to include progress tracking from AccessAlly Pro. Learn how in this tutorial: Team Dashboard Page Customization

Before you make your team feature “live” to clients, please take the time to test your setup by following this tutorial: How To Test Your Teams Setup

Ongoing Management For Active Teams

There are a few different features to help you manage your team licenses successfully.

Use The Management Area To Manually Alter Active Teams

The first is the “Team Management” area that you have access to as a site admin. Learn how to use this area with the following tutorial: How to Use the Team Management Feature to Make Manual Edits As An Admin

Increase or Decrease The Size of Active Teams

The second is learning how to increase or decrease the size of your teams… helpful if a Team Parent wishes to purchase additional “child account” slots for their team, for example. Learn how to perform these actions with this tutorial: How To Increase And Decrease The Size Of Your Teams

Cancel Or Revoke Access To An Active Team

The third management tool you may need will allow you to delete a team inside AccessAlly, in the event that it is necessary to do so. Learn how with this tutorial: How to Delete a Team Inside AccessAlly

If Something Goes Wrong…

In the event that you, as site admin, run into an issue when managing your teams, the Team Log will be extremely helpful to identify when – and where – the trouble happened. Learn how to use this feature here: How to Read the Team Log

Updated on May 7, 2019

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