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AccessAlly Emails: Send a Welcome Email to a New Team Member

If you’re using AccessAlly Emails and you would like to send a welcome email when a new team member joins a team… here’s how.

Works for: CRM managed contacts and AccessAlly Managed Contacts

Custom Welcome Email

Go to AccessAlly > Emails and click “+ NEW” to add a new Welcome Email template. The default template can not be used for team members.

Add Email Template

You will see two trigger options related to team member welcome emails:

  1. When a member is added to a Team by a Team Leader
  2. When a member self-registers to an AccessAlly Team

Team Options Welcome Email

When choosing your trigger option(s) review your Team Administration Dashboard to account for all available options your team leaders have.

This determines which trigger(s) you need to use for your welcome email.

  1. Self-registration – use member self-registers to an AccessAlly Team
  2. Batch upload members – use member is added to a Team by a Team Leader
  3. Add individual member – use member is added to a Team by a Team Leader

Adding Team Members

In the above image the Team Leader Administration page shows all three options so the Welcome Email needs two triggers to account for these options.

Here’s the Welcome Email setup for this workflow:

Welcome Email Triggers

Send Settings

Set this to Send customized email.

Email Subject

Add your desired email subject which can be personalized using the “Personalize” button. The options available to personalize your subject line will appear. No image of this is shown as it varies based on your unique site setup.

Email Content

Using the email content editor you can add any custom text you would like to the email. Clicking the “+” button in the top right corner offers additional options available to you to get the welcome email copy… just right.

Email Content

Save Your Email

Click the Save button in the top right corner.

Save Button


Test Your Welcome Email

Click the “test” button to test your new Team Member Welcome Email.

Send test email


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Updated on October 17, 2023

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