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How to Allow Team Leaders To Reply to Private Notes

Using AccessAlly Teams, you can allow team leaders to reply to private notes from their team members.

When to use this feature

Allowing team leaders to reply to notes submitted by members of their team can create a more socially interactive hub for each team license account.

It’s best used when the notes are created in such a way that it’s helpful and necessary for a team leader to be the one answering them.

For example, if you’re selling a course about SEO, you might have homework notes dedicated to in-house implementation.

Step 1: Enable Feature in Back End

In ProgressAlly > General Settings > Private Notes, change the setting from “only admins can reply” to “allow other users to reply”.

Allow Team Leaders to respond to private notes

Step 2: Create Your Private Notes

Create a private note as you normally would (tutorial).

Double check page permissions
Make sure you are creating the note on a page that a team member has access to.

Step 3: Add the Note in the Team Display

When setting up the team display for the team leader account (AccessAlly > Teams > Programs > Display), make sure to add the notes to the child display area. Be sure to select the page and note.

Add Private Note to Teams Display

If there are multiple notes you would like the team leader to respond to, please add each one separately.

When the team display shortcode is added to the team management page, the notes will show up automatically next to each user:

Team Management Page - Private Notes

What Happens If You Can’t See the Note?

The exact appearance/functionality of your note setup depends on the type of note you’ve created.

In most cases, team leaders can only reply if the team member have added a note first.

If you’d like team leaders to be able to initiate notes, we recommend adding a note for “admin-initiated” private notes, which can be used as an intro / welcome message for the team members.

Updated on July 9, 2021

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