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How to Manually Edit an Existing Team License

In the majority of use cases, your AccessAlly Teams feature can be fully automated from start to finish. However, there may be some cases where you wish to manually edit an existing team license. In these cases, you will use the Team Management feature.

This tutorial will show you how to locate and use this option.

Locate the Team Management Section

Go to AccessAlly > Teams > Manage

Here, you will see a search option that allows you to search for a user by Contact ID or email address.

Example Result for a Team Leader

If the user is a Team Leader, the result will show up as follows:

manually edit existing team location

The first section allows you to see at a glance what team information is associated with this user. You can also manually add additional accounts to this user’s team, if there are open spots available.

Existing Team Member Accounts

The second section allows you to manually remove accounts from the user’s team.

Change Team Size

The third section lets you increase – or decrease – the size of the team.

Delete Team

Finally, you have the option to delete this team entirely.

Example Result for a Team Member Account

Available options for site admins to manually edit existing teams

Updated on October 28, 2020

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