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How to Manually Edit an Existing Team License in AccessAlly

In most cases, your AccessAlly Teams feature can be fully automated from start to finish. However, there may be some cases where you wish to manually edit an existing team license. In these cases, you will use the Team Management feature.

This tutorial will show you how to locate and use this option.

Locate the Team Management Section

Go to AccessAlly > Teams > Click on Teams again > Find the team you want to manage.


  • The team leader is displayed here
  • Click to show team members
  • Click Manage Team for team management options

Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how to manage teams from the Teams view

Options for Team Mamangement

Click the Manage Team button.
Screenshot from AccessAlly showing where the Manage Team button is inside of the Teams feature

Team Details

Find the team key and a summary for the team that includes: allowed team members, available spots, and the self-registration link.

Add a new team member

Manually add team members as the admin using their name and email addresses.
Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how to add a new team member under the team management feature

Batch import multiple members at once

Import multiple users using a CSV file.
Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how to batch import from the admin team managmenet

Current team members

View current team members. Click on Member Details, to see the team member’s User Profile that includes their contact ID, permissions, contact fields, payment history, and drip automation.
Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how to view team members

Change team size

Manually adjust the size of the team. Use a negative value to decrease the size.

Delete team

Permanently delete the team. This cannot be undone.
Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how to delete a team

Updated on November 16, 2023

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