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How Members are Added to a Team

This article covers how members get added to a team in AccessAlly and how team leaders can login as a team member.

Team members can be registered with or without an email address.

New Member Tab Settings

The options displayed in this article are based on the “New Member” tab settings. If an option you would like to use is not visible you can enable it by going to:

AccessAlly > Teams > Programs > New Member Tab

New Member Tab

Team Leader Options

A team leader visits the team administration dashboard page to add team members.

Add Individual Team Members

With this option the team leader adds each team member one at a time by going to Add Members > Add individual member.

Team leader view.

Registration without Email

Batch upload members

Team leaders can upload a CSV file with team member information. The download file .CSV example is available to the team leader to make this process easy!

Example before upload.

Batch Example

Example after batch upload.

Batch Upload Status

Self-Registration Link

A team leader can copy the self-registration link and share it with anyone they would like to join the team. The member can now “self-register” for the team.

Team leader view.


Team member view upon clicking the link.

Unique Team Code

Site Admin Options

As the site admin you can add team members by going to AccessAlly > Teams > Teams and clicking “Manage Team”

Site Admin Manage Teams

Self-Registration Link

A site admin can copy the self-registration link and share it with anyone they would like to join the team. The team member can now “self-register” for access.

Admin Self-Registration

Add new team member

The site admin can add team members one at a time with this option.

Add new team member

Batch import

The site admin can download a CSV template and import large numbers of members quickly and easily.

Batch import team members

View after successful member import.

Successful team member import

Registration without Email

Now a team leader or site admin can register team members without an email address if desired. This option is enabled under the “New Member” tab inside AccessAlly > Teams > Programs.

Login as Member

Login As Member

Add this option to the team display.

Login as Member Option

The team leader sees the “Login as Team Member” button.

Team Leader Logs in as Team Member

Clicking the button logs the leader in as that team member.

Email-less login link

Email-less login link

The option allows a team member to login with first and last name only.

Add this option to the team display.

Email-less login

Team leader copies the link and sends to the team member.

Copy to Clipboard Email-less login

Team member clicks the link and enters name and email address to login.

Email-less login Team Member View

Updated on September 19, 2023

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