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How To Customize Your Team Setup

With AccessAlly’s teams feature, a single user purchases the team license and is automatically designated as that team’s Leader. The Team Leader can then add members to the team.

When you use the Offerings wizard, the team admin page, self-registration page, and team member welcome page will automatically be created as drafts for you.

This tutorial shows you how to customize the Team setup beyond what’s accomplished with the Offerings Wizard.

If you haven’t yet, please set up your first Team by following this tutorial: How to Set Up Teams Inside AccessAlly.

New Member Tab

Go to: AccessAlly > Teams > Programs > Select the team program you want to edit > select the New Member tab.

Customize the “Add Team Member” Display

In the New Member tab, you can determine what the team leader will see/read when they want to add a member to their team.

When the team leader has invited the maximum number of members to the team, the message can be customized to give more direction. For example, you might add a link to allow the Leader to purchase additional licenses.

Screenshot showing New Member Tab under AccessAlly Team Programs

Allow Team Members to Self-Register

Allow Team Members to Self-Register

By default, self-registration is enabled. You can disable it by unchecking the checkbox “Allow team members to self-register”.

Screenshot from AccessAlly Teams showing self registration settings

In this section, you can customize text for the self-registration submit button, confirmation message, and redirect URL after self-registration.

Separate Self-Registration Page

Separate Self-Registration Page

By default, ‘Use a separate self-registration page’ is selected. If you disable this option, your team dashboard page will be used as the self-registration page (not recommended).

Here you can choose a new page for your self-registration page if you want.

You can add the self-registration shortcode to your page by clicking the ‘copy to clipboard’ option to the right of the shortcode.

settings that allow team member to self-register

On the front end, the team leader will see the self-registration link on their management page, so they can easily share it with whomever they would like to invite to the team:

Allow Users to Self Register
Note: to see this link when you’re testing, you must be tagged as a team leader.

Registration Without Email

Registration without Email

This option is perfect for cases where team members do not have an email address.

Email Not Required for Team Members

Additional input fields

Additional input fields (Optional, Advanced)

You can ask for additional information when adding a new team members. In the example below, the user is asked to identify which department they are a part of.

AccessAlly settings to ask for additional user input

The Display Tab

Under the Display tab, you select the items you would displayed for the Team Leader on their administration dashboard page.

Screenshot of the setup options for team member display

If you select the checkbox for “Display team members in accordion style”, your team administrators will see their team members in an openable style. This way all of the members’ names will be shown, and to see the details for that member they can click to expand each section.

  1. Full Name
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Email
  5. Bio
  6. Website URL
  7. Custom Attribute
  8. Custom Field
  9. Custom Code
  10. Custom Text
  11. All Team Member Interactions
  12. Add as Team Leader
  13. Remove Member
  14. Login as Member – see how here.
  15. Display Team Member Email-less Login Link – see how here.
  16. Team Interaction
  17. (ProgressAlly) Show quiz result
  18. (ProgressAlly) Progress percentage for post/page
  19. (ProgressAlly) Progress bar for post/page
  20. (ProgressAlly) Progress pie chart for post/page
  21. (ProgressAlly) Show Private Note
  22. (ProgressAlly) Interaction – certificate, reset progress

Test New Team Setup

At this point, it’s time to test out the new team management page.

Create a test user by running through the order form process you have in place to create your teams, so that they have their own “team” info and the required Team Leader tags. Use a new email that does not already exist in your system.

Adding Team Members

How to add team members is covered in this article.

Updated on September 19, 2023

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