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How to Set Up Teams Inside AccessAlly

There are two ways to set up teams inside AccessAlly: Through the Offerings wizard (recommended) or directly through Teams (advanced).

  1. Use the Offerings wizard (recommended) if you use AccessAlly order forms or free opt-in forms.
  2. Use the Teams tab if you use a third party to process your payments.

Want to see a video of the steps to creating a team offering in AccessAlly? Visit our AccessAlly 101 training.

Click here to watch the Advanced Offerings video!

Step 1: Set up your team using the Offerings Wizard

Go to: AccessAlly > Offerings > click on the +Create button > Look to the Teams Center square > Click the Use Template button.

Screenshot from AccessAlly showing the Teams Center template

Set your team:

  1. Name your team > click Next.
  2. How many bulk licenses or “seats” will your team have? > Select the number of seats you need. Note that you can change this later and/or give the team leader the option to purchase more seats.
  3. Pick a payment schedule > One-Time Purchase, Installment Payment Plan, or Monthly Recurring Payments. Note that you can edit this later.
  4. Set your price for the team program > set your price.
    Note that you can edit this later. You can price this at “$0” if your team leader gets free access. See FAQs at bottom of article to create a free opt-in form option.

Your offering is ready, now let’s add your content. Choose whether to add your content now or come back later.

Note: Your team setup will be saved even if you don’t add your content right away.

GIF showing Teams setup through Offerings wizard on AccessAlly

Step 2: Add content to your teams setup

When you arrive in the content section, everything will be marked as pending. Once you click the save button, it will move to published.

Team Program Setup: You can edit your team size here or keep it the same

Public page: you can add pages that are available to non-members, such as opt-in, sales, and thank you pages.

To add a public page, click the +Add button > New Public Page > Add your Page Title > Click the Create Page button.

Additional Offerings: You can add other offerings here to create a bundle.

To add offerings, click the +Add button at the top of the page > Add an Exiting Offering > Select the additional offering from the drop-down list provided > Add Offering.

The Team Admin Page, Self Registration Page, and Team Student Welcome Page are created by default.

Edit those pages after they are published by clicking on the pencil icon. Once you save your setup, these pages will be created as drafts.

Now click the Save button at the top. Your team setup will move from Pending to Published.

Learn how to further customize your team if you have a complex setup.

Step 3: Test your Team Setup

Move to the testing section below to fully test your team setup.

Option 2: Teams Setup without using the Wizard (Advanced)

Step 1: Locate the Teams tab and create a new team program

Go to: AccessAlly > Teams > Programs > Click on the +New Team Program button in the top corner.

Click the pencil icon to rename your team.

Step 2: Configure your Basic setup

Team leader tag: Select a tag from your CRM.

Team member tag (optional): Select a tag from your CRM.

Note: This tag is ONLY added to the team members when they are added to the team. This tag can be used to trigger automation / send notification emails for ONLY the team members and not the team leader.

Initial team size: select the number of team members that a team leader can add. This number does not include the team leader.

Select options for your Welcome Operations, Welcome Tags, and Revoke Operations, and Revoke Tags.

Click the Save button.

Screenshot from AccessAlly showing the teams setup without using the offerings wizard

Step 3: Configure additional settings

Additional settings are available under the New Member, Display, Interaction, Advanced, and Webhook URL tabs.

Step 4: Test your Team Setup

Move to the testing section below to fully test your team setup.

Test your team setup

  1. Test team leader: To test your team setup, place a test order on the new team order form. Use an email address that isn’t in the system yet. You can use your own email address with a [+indicator]. For example:
    Standard email: jo@AccessAlly.com.
    Test email: Jo+TestNutritionTeamLeader@AccessAlly.com
  2. Test team member: Go through the self-regisrtation, or one of the other four ways to add a team member to test the experience first hand.
  3. Make any adjustments necessary

Pro tip: Use the User Switching plugin for easier testing after you make your initial purchase a test team leader.

Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how to test the teams setup

Frequently Asked Questions About The Team Center Offering

Do I add the courses (content) for team members to the Team Center Offering?

You can add content the team members will receive inside the team center offering using the Additional Offerings section. Content placed in this section is dripped based on the release timer settings (or CRM automation) for each corresponding offering.

Dripped Team Offering


Is there a team offering setup video available?

Creating a team is covered in our AccessAlly 101 video on Advanced Offerings. Click here to watch.

Can a team leader have free access to a team portal?

Yes, they can! If you’d like to give the team leader free access so they can add in their team members (or send self-registration links) you can add a free access form by going to AccessAlly > Offerings > Forms tab. In the top corner click “+ ADD” to create a free opt-in form for the team leader.

Free Team Opt-in

Updated on June 5, 2023

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