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Enabling Developer Mode During Plugin Migration

When you’re transitioning a membership site from one membership plugin to another, you might install AccessAlly at the same time as you have another plugin enabled.

For example, if you’ve got Memberium, PilotPress, or Wishlist Member installed on your membership site and you install AccessAlly – you might be wondering if that will break your site?

Well, by following this quick tutorial you’ll see how you can prevent any plugin conflicts and do all of the content updates and AccessAlly set up you need before finishing your plugin migration.

Setting Up AccessAlly Alongside Another Membership Plugin Temporarily

Navigate to General Settings -> Developer Tools.

Scroll to the bottom and select the checkbox under “Development Mode”.

When this checkbox is enabled, all of the AccessAlly page protection functionality will be disabled – so you can work behind the scenes on creating courses in the Course Wizard and doing other types of set up.

Then when you’re ready to go live with the AccessAlly functionality, turn off Development Mode.

Updated on January 9, 2018

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