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WP Courseware Migration: Migrate from WP Courseware to AccessAlly

In this tutorial, you’ll see how to manage your WP Courseware migration project to ensure all content and permissions are imported properly into AccessAlly.

Important! Trying to Migrate Payments from WP Courseware?

When you’re moving to AccessAlly order forms from a different payment system it’s not possible to migrate payment information or migrate payment plans. We currently have a feature request for this functionality.

We’re sharing four of our favorite tips to help you transition your payments from your current system to AccessAlly order forms while creating an amazing experience for everyone!

When you’re migrating from WP Courseware, you can use the migration plugin to make the migration as automated as possible and transfer as much information to AccessAlly from WP Courseware as possible.

The plugin will convert WP Courseware custom posts to regular WordPress pages.

Step 1: Install the WP Courseware Migration Plugin

Download the WP Courseware conversion tool here:


Or search for “AccessAlly – WP Courseware Custom Post Conversion” in the WordPress plugin directory.

Add the Plugin and activate it on your site.

Now you’ll see the Plugin Name: AccessAlly – WP Courseware Custom Post Conversion on your left sidebar in your Wordpress dashboard.

Step 2: Use the conversion tool

Navigate to the plugin by clicking it in your left sidebar.

Use this tool to convert Courses, Units and Lessons created in WP Courseware Courses to regular WordPress pages, so they can be reused after WP Courseware has been deactivated.

  • Conversion does not modify the content of the units.
  • The conversion process can be reverted, so WP Courseware courses / modules / units can be restored.
  • Courses can be automatically converted to AccessAlly Course Wizard courses. Important: These are created as Drafts and they need to be further customized before they are published.

Once all of the posts are converted and you’ve migrated all your content to AccessAlly, you can deactivate WP Courseware and this migration plugin.

WP Courseware courses are migrated… Now Make Sure to Import Members

The WP Courseware Migration tool helps you convert your WP Courseware Courses content into AccessAlly pages and courses, but it doesn’t handle the importing/converting of your course participants.

To handle that you’ll want to follow our Member Migration tutorial here.

Updated on November 27, 2023

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