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How to Migrate from Teachable to AccessAlly

When you’re ready to upgrade from Teachable and build your online courses with AccessAlly on your own website, the migration process is fairly straightforward. This guide will show you the recommended migration steps.

Essentially, you’ll want to migrate three main items:

  • Course content
  • Students and their Permissions
  • Emails

Phase 1: Set Up AccessAlly

First, make sure your new AccessAlly website is all set up, integrated, and ready to go by using the Onboarding Wizard.

Tutorial here.

Phase 2: Create Your Courses With AccessAlly’s Course Wizard

Each course will need to be created from scratch using the Course Wizard. This will create your course pages and permission tags.

(Keep those permission tags handy! You’ll need to add them to your course students later.)

Then, add the course materials (written, PDFs, videos, etc.) from Teachable to your newly-created course pages and hit “publish”.

Yes, this may involve some copy and pasting, but it’ll be well worth the move to open up new growth opportunities for your business.

Tutorial here.

Phase 3: Create Your Emails & Automations in Your CRM

Next, it’s time to create your custom automations inside your CRM. If you created any emails in Teachable that you would like to continue using, you must manually copy/paste the email content to your CRM system.


Tutorial here.

Phase 4: Add your Teachable students to your CRM

Finally, it’s time to make sure all your current students are added to your CRM system and have the proper permission tags applied to their account so that they can easily access the same course content they paid for in Teachable… but on your new AccessAlly membership site.

AccessAlly comes with a Migration Wizard tool that you’ll use for this process. The Migration Wizard will create their AccessAlly accounts, a necessary step before they’re fully imported and migrated over. Find the tutorial here.

It’s also a good idea to announce that the course location has changed by sending out an email letting them know how to log into the new site.

Updated on March 14, 2018

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