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How To Integrate Stripe with AccessAlly

Integrate Stripe with AccessAlly to sell your products, recurring subscriptions, and payment plans on WordPress.

To integrate with PayPal, please see this tutorial: How To Enable PayPal Integration With AccessAlly.

Step 1: Enable Stripe Integration To Take Credit Card Payments directly

Step 2: (Required) Additional Setup for CRM Syncing

AccessAlly requires additional configuration to link the payment process with your CRM platform.




When a subscriber unsubscribes and later makes a purchase, the ActiveCampaign system marks them as “inactive,” so they can’t be re-added to any automations (which means a password can’t be generated and they will not receive any further emails).

To bypass this issue, please create an opt-in form (that does NOT require a double opt-in) inside ActiveCampaign and link it to AccessAlly:

AccessAlly > General Settings > Payment > CRM Integration
AC opt in form for AccessAlly ecommerce

Important: this opt-in form should not be used for any other lead generation purposes.



By default, AccessAlly adds the Drip tracking Javascript to every page to the site, so you don't need to manually add it.

Step 3: Sending Invoices from Stripe

Once you have setup the payment integration, you will want to enable the sending of invoices from your payment processors.

Stripe: Login to your Stripe account. Once logged in, go to Business Settings. Then go down to Customer emails. You can then select the option to send an email to the customer on successful payment. 

PayPal: PayPal automatically sends receipts to the purchaser at the time of a successful payment. There are no additional steps needed to have this setup.


Reference Guide to AccessAlly’s E-Commerce Feature

Wondering how it all fits together? Here’s your guide to setting up and selling with AccessAlly’s e-commerce feature. Click on the links below to view the corresponding tutorials.

Step 1: Set up your payment integration
Note: If you wish to sell subscriptions with recurring payments, you must use a Stripe integration.

Step 2: Create Your Products

Step 3: Create Your Offers

Step 4: Design Your Order Forms

To add your order forms to a page, just use the AccessAlly shortcode adder!

Updated on October 30, 2020

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