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How To Create a One Time Use Coupon Code in AccessAlly

Create a one time use coupon code that is unique to each user. This means you can follow up with people who abandon their shopping cart with a time-sensitive incentive to buy. This feature is very powerful, and you can use your imagination for ways to make it work for your business.

The videos below have some outdated interface screenflows, but they will show you how to merge the coupon custom fields into your campaigns and set up your webhooks.




  1. At 2:40 in the video, the Post Data that needs to be added should be: contactId=[Contact ID]
  2. At 1:55 Due to Ontraports recent updates to creat a rule you’ll need to:
    1. Go to the Admin > Advanced Features > Rules.
    2. Click Global Rules.
    3. Click +Add Rule.
    4. Name the Rule.
    5. Create the Rule by selecting the Trigger(s)
    6. Select any Conditions you want to use (optional)
    7. Select the action(s) to be performed.
    8. Click Save

This is what it will look like in Ontraport:

Screenshot of Ontraport ContactID




When using ConvertKit to create a one-time individual coupon code please note that the AccessAlly > Custom Operation > Generate Coupon the section labeled “Want to trigger this operation from inside your CRM system?” will only display the tag used in this section if you have not saved your custom operation.

View in AccessAlly before saving – trigger tag name is displayed and create webhook button shows.

Tag is displayed image

Once your custom operation has been saved the tag used will DISAPPEAR from the view inside AccessAlly > Custom Operation > Generate Coupon. That’s because you’ve created a webhook to trigger this event so the tag will no longer display inside your Custom Operation.

Correct view in AccessAlly after saving – tag and create webhook button disappear because this action has been completed!

ConvertKit after saving

To ensure your setup is working properly visit ConvertKit > Automations > Rules and ensure you have only one rule using this tag!

Visit Automation Rules

ConvertKit Automation Rule


This functionality can be used to sell gift cards or gift vouchers, too.

Automatically applying the coupon

If you would like to automatically apply the coupon to an order form, you can do that using a coupon magic link.

Here you’re able to link to an order form page with the coupon already applied, and you can use this link in an email from your CRM or from your AccessAlly site.

Updated on April 17, 2024

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