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What Are AccessAlly Offers and How Do They Work?

What are AccessAlly Offers?

An AccessAlly Offer contains the product information that will be displayed on an order form.

You can bundle different products together or create special pricing for your products by creating offers. Your offers also act as an order form, which is where your customers will go to make a purchase.

Video Tutorial: How to Create an AccessAlly Offer

The “successful payment tag” mentioned in the video will automatically be generated for your course if you create it through the Course Creation Wizard.

Note: when you are placing testing orders, you cannot use the same PayPal account that was integrated in the AccessAlly > General Settings > Payment section.

What is Early Contact Creation?

With AccessAlly’s 3-step order forms, potential customers enter their name and email on the first step of the checkout process. At this point, you can assign an “early contact creation” tag that you can use inside of your CRM to follow-up with abandoned carts.

If you used the Course Creation Wizard to automatically create the Product and Offer for you – you’ll already have an Early Contact Creation tag generated for the offer.

This will be a tag that looks like: Course_Started_Order

From there, you’ll want to follow this tutorial to set up a CRM campaign to follow up with people who start the checkout process but don’t complete their purchase.

You’ll know that someone has completed their purchase if they have a tag similar to Course_Made_Purchase. If they do complete their order, you can immediately stop the abandoned cart follow-up campaign.

Run A Custom Operation After Purchase

Is there a custom operation that you’d like to run automatically when a user places an order on your site? If so, go to: Offers > Automations. Then, select the custom operation you would like to run from the dropdown.

We recommend that you create a custom operation that removes the corresponding revoke tag(s) for the content being purchased, and add that custom operation here.

(Otherwise, if a client previously cancelled/lost access to the content they’re submitting an order form for, the revoke tag will remain on their account and negate any access tags that are added.)

Showing Their Username & Password on the Thank You Page

Show password on thank you page

If you’d like to give people their username and password right after they purchase (for safe keeping), there’s an easy way to do that on the thank you page.

You’ll find the full tutorial including the steps to implement that here.

Sending People to a Custom Thank You Page

If you want to send people to a custom thank you page (any URL you like – it can be on another domain as well) then simply select that option in the “Payment Success” tab.

If you enable the checkbox marked “Append order info at the end of the Thank You page URL”, these are the parameters that will get appended at the end of the URL. You can use these in tracking scripts, for example.

  • orderId: this can be used as a unique identifier, since each order will have a unique number
  • offerId: this indicates what offer was sold and it corresponds to each offer in your AccessAlly settings
  • price: the actual amount, after any promo or coupons were applied (this does not include any upcoming recurring payments, only today’s immediate payment)

You can also add your own customized URL parameters manually, for example by adding it at the end of your Thank You Page URL like this:


This could be used to add Facebook pixel data or anything else that might be useful.

Reference Guide to AccessAlly’s E-Commerce Feature

Wondering how it all fits together? Here’s your guide to setting up and selling with AccessAlly’s e-commerce feature. Click on the links below to view the corresponding tutorials.

Step 1: Set up your payment integration
Note: If you wish to sell subscriptions with recurring payments, you must use a Stripe integration.

Step 2: Create Your Products

Step 3: Create Your Offers

Step 4: Design Your Order Forms

Step 5: Add the Order Form to a Page

Updated on October 30, 2020

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