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Google Analytics (GA4) Purchase Tracking for AccessAlly

If you’re using AccessAlly order forms, you can take advantage of the built-in Metrics dashboard… but you might also want to pull the sales data into your existing Google 4 account.

Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

The first step is to create a new property using your site URL.

Create a Property in Google Analytics

Select the options that are the best match for your business details.

Describe Business details

Select your desired business objectives.

Select Business objectives

Select web (or skip for now if you’d like to review.)

Web or Skip

Add your site to both the website and stream name spots.

Data Stream setup

Click the view tag instruction button.

View Tag Instructions

And select install manually and copy the code.

Install manually

Add tracking code to the header of your site.

If you’re not familiar with this option or your theme doesn’t have a space to include it you can download the free WPCode plugin.


Add in the header code section.

Add header code in WPCode

Add the Debugger for Google Analytics 4 Extension to Chrome this will show you if your header code is working.

Debugger Extension

Now visit a page on your site and click the GA4 button. A message will appear letting you know this page is using GA4.

GA4 Success

You can also see your views being tracked in Google Analytics.

Views Being Tracked

Add AccessAlly GA4 Code to Header

Now it’s time to add the AccessAlly order form tracking script to the header section of your site. You can add this below the previous code.

Click here to download the code as a .txt file.

Using the WPCode plugin (or adding to header) place this code below the previous code added at the start of this article.

Paste AccessAlly G4 Script

Create a Thank You Page

Make a new page (in an offering as shown below) or create a page in WordPress. Copy the link to your thank you page.

Create a Thank You page in AccessAlly

Review Order Form(s)

AccessAlly → Sales → Order Form Setup → search for the order form you’d like to track.

Note the order form number and name.

Order Form ID number and name in AccessAlly

Create Thank You Page Tracking Link

At the end of the thank you page URL add the code below with your order form ID number and order form name.


Example below.


Select “What to show on successful payment”

  • Show templated success message – if you want to allow password creation at time of purchase
  • Redirect to a Thank You page

Order Form ID number and name in AccessAlly

Show Templated Success Message

With this option you will use the button link option with your coding to redirect to the thank you page. The new customer will be logged into the site and you can add a course icon to the thank you page so they can get started.

Thank you page redirect via purchase success in AccessAlly

Redirect to a Thank You page

Add your coded link as the thank you page URL and check the box to append order form info.

Thank You page link in AccessAlly

Make a Purchase

Place a purchase from your order form and you will see your tracking info added.

Thank you tracking code success

View in GA4 after successful purchase event is tracked.

  1. Tracked thank you page visit.
  2. Tracked purchase event from your order form.

G4 Tracking Success


Updated on April 3, 2024
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