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Create an E-Commerce Cart Like Experience with AccessAlly

Skill Level: Beginner

There are many different ways that you can create a team with levels inside an AccessAlly site. This is one example. If you have questions about anything in this article join our next Tune Up Call or Contact Support.

Scenario: You’ve got lots of products (like e-books or online courses) that you would like to sell from your AccessAlly site, but you’ve heard that there’s no shopping cart option in AccessAlly. You would like to create a shop style page where members can easily purchase multiple items quickly and easily.

Prerequisites: Two or more items you would like to sell from inside your AccessAlly site.

Step 1: Create Your Shop Page

You can add a new page to your AccessAlly site and name it Shop.

Add Shop page

Step 2: Decide Who Can View This Page

There are two possible ways you could create this page depending on what’s right for you and your business model.

  1. Open to the Public: anyone with the link to this page can view the page.
  2. Logged in to view: this option is great is you would like to create a “Members Only” style shop page. Scroll down to Permissions and check mark “Visitors must login to view this page” if you would like this option.
  3. Save your new Shop page.

Require Log In

Step 3: Create Your Offering(s)

Now you’ll create offering(s) to fill up your shop page.

If you would like to sell your e-book the AccessAlly Protected Content feature along with the Start From Scratch Offering Template will give you everything you need to sell and deliver your e-book.

The Start From Scratch Offering Template allows you to create a single page to use for the delivery of your E-book immediately after purchase or for you to create a mini course to go along with your E-book if you would like.

Start From Scratch Offering Template

Step 4: Design Your Shop Page

Now it’s time to design your shop page. The easiest way to create a shop style page is to use the AccessAlly Offering icons and WordPress buttons that link to the order forms you created in Step 3 above.

  1. Add the e-book offering icon to your Shop page using your theme and/or page builder.
  2. Add a button that links to the order form from your E-Book Start From Scratch Offering.
  3. Repeat this process for all of the items you would like added to your shop.

Logged Out Shop View

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a description beside (or underneath) each item so they can find out more?

Yes! You can. You can add a content section using your WordPress theme and/or page builder to place your description in for each shop item.

Can I add redeem for points instead of linking to an order form?

Yes, please see our article on delivering a membership with points to guide you.

Can I collect the shipping address, add tax, and/or charge shipping fees for physical items?

Shipping Address: Yes, you can collect a shipping address. See how here.

Taxes and Shipping: These options are available in AccessAlly under Sales > Fee Setup. AccessAlly is also integrated with Quaderno for collecting taxes.

Can I use 1-click upsell buttons on my Shop page?

Yes! If you process payments on your AccessAlly site using Stripe (not recommended for PayPal) AND you require a member to be logged in to view your Shop page… you can replace the WordPress buttons that link to order forms with an AccessAlly order form that is set to use the 1-click upsell button option.

Here are the recommended settings for your 1-click order form button to give the best experience on your shop page. 

  1. Enable 1-click order form
  2. Only order button option
  3. Add the wording for your button – visitors to your shop page will see this wording.
  4. Check only show 1-click button when available
  5. Leave the Show HTML section blank

1-click order form settings

Updated on April 1, 2024
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