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How To Provide Users Passwords After Purchase

*The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requires sensitive data security measures to be in place by May 25th, 2018. These laws may impact the way that you store client information. AccessAlly does not store or record any client information. All client data is stored on the WordPress site server, in your payment processor (Stripe/PayPal), and in the CRM platform. Please confirm with your systems used to ensure they are GDPR compliant.*

In some cases, you may want to provide the login details for a user immediately after completing a purchase. The tutorial on this page will show you how to include the login details on a Thank You page.

When to Use This Option

This is a good choice if you do not wish to have your users’ password accessible in your CRM system.

When using the AccessAlly order forms, you can offer a custom thank you message after purchase and this can include user login information. This information will be displayed one time only to the user so that they can record their login details at that time.

Step 0: Disable password storage in the CRM system

Warning: if you choose not to store the login password in your CRM system, you will NOT able to send out the login information in the welcome email.

  1. Go to AccessAlly – General Settings – Initial Setup. Remove the field selected in the Password field area of the page. This will make sure that the password is not saved to the CRM system.
  2. In the CRM system, go to all welcome emails and review your setup. You may need to revise your welcome message or delete the merge fields that are used to apply a username and password.
  3. If you want to remove all existing passwords from your CRM system, please delete the custom field used to store the password from your CRM system. Note: this operation cannot be reversed, and the data will be permanently lost.

Step 1

Preliminary steps: If you haven’t yet, please set up your Products and corresponding Offers.

Once you have your Offer configured, you will need to go to the ‘Automation tab’ in that offer and check the box to Create login for the client. This will automatically log the client into the membership area and must be enabled.

Once done, click save.

Step 2

In the Offers area, navigate to the ‘Payment Success’ tab.

In the message area, you will add the following text:

Username: {[username]}
Password: {[password]}

This will dynamically load the username and password for the user. Once entered, click save.

Additional Fields To Add

AccessAlly order forms can also dynamically display the following fields if added into the form area, however all may not be applicable for your users:

Username: {[username]}
Password: {[password]}
First Name: {[first-name]}
Last Name: {[last-name]}
Email: {[email]}
Confirmation #: {[confirmation-num]}

Step 3: Add the Order form to the page

Next, go to the page where you wish to have the order form, and add the order form shortcode to the page using the shortcode adder. Publish the page once ready.

Step 4

Your order form is now ready to go. Once a user completes the purchase, the user will be automatically logged into your membership site, and the thank you message will display their unique username and password.

Please remember that these records are not stored in your CRM system if you removed the settings in step 0. If the user fails to record their information, they can only login after resetting their password.

The user is also welcome to update their password to a preferred password in the “My Account” page (Tutorial).

Updated on March 8, 2018

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