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How To Use A Snappy Login ™ On Your Site

For a more in-depth article about the login widget, please see this article: How To Set Up A Login Page For Your Membership Site


Snappy Login™

AccessAlly’s Snappy Login Links™ allow a user to receive a one-time-use login link delivered to their inbox. If you choose to include the Snappy Login™ feature on your login page, users no longer need to remember their username and password.

For setup, you have three choices:

  • Show Snappy Login™ Option
  • Do not allow Snappy Login™
  • Only allow Snappy Login™

Show Snappy Login™ Option
“Show Snappy Login™ Option”
Only Allow Snappy Login™
If you choose to only show a Snappy Login, a simple button will be displayed, instead of a full login widget. When clicked, this message will appear.
Updated on October 22, 2020

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