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How To Link An Order Form Input Field With A CRM Custom Field

With AccessAlly’s order forms, you can save client information (entered via input fields) to a custom field inside your CRM.

There are a few different scenarios where you might wish to collect (and save) additional information when your client submits an order, beyond the basic name and email address.

A basic example would be requiring the client to enter their t-shirt size. Or, you might be running a live event and need to know if there are any food allergies.

In any case, each input item can correspond to a unique custom field.

Before beginning the tutorial, please make sure your custom field is already created inside your CRM. (Tutorial here)

When Custom Fields are Saved

The data inside a custom field is saved to your CRM only when the order form is fully submitted.

So if you add a custom field to the first step of an order form, and someone fills in their name and email and this custom field… but then abandons the cart: only the name and email and your abandoned cart tags will be saved in the CRM.

This is important to note, so if you want to collect client information they do need to complete the full order form for this field to be saved back into your CRM.

Updated on June 4, 2019

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